18 Best Places And Things To Do in Massa, Italy

Massa is a charming city located in the region of Tuscany, Italy. It is known for its rich history, beautiful landscapes, and cultural heritage. Here are some of the best places to visit and things to do in Massa:

1. Malaspina Castle

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Start your exploration by visiting the iconic Malaspina Castle, also known as the Ducal Palace. This medieval fortress offers stunning views of the city and houses a museum where you can learn about the history of Massa and its noble families. Address: Piazza Aranci, 1, 54100 Massa MS, Italy

2. Cathedral of San Pietro

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This impressive cathedral is a must-visit for architecture enthusiasts. Admire its intricate facade, beautiful interior, and notable works of art. The cathedral also hosts various cultural events and concerts throughout the year. Address: Piazza Aranci, 54100 Massa MS, Italy

3. Piazza degli Aranci

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Located in the heart of Massa, Piazza degli Aranci is a lively square lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops. It’s a great spot to relax, people-watch, and savor some delicious Italian cuisine. Address: Piazza Aranci, 54100 Massa MS, Italy

4. Parco di Levante

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Escape the city bustle and enjoy a peaceful stroll in the Parco di Levante. This large park features beautiful gardens, walking trails, and a lake. It’s an ideal place for a picnic or a leisurely afternoon surrounded by nature. Address: Via delle Pinete, 54100 Massa MS, Italy

5. Villa La Versiliana

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Just a short distance from Massa, you’ll find Villa La Versiliana, a magnificent mansion surrounded by lush gardens. The villa hosts cultural events, exhibitions, and performances, making it a cultural hub in the region. Address: Viale Morin, 16, 55049 Marina di Pietrasanta LU, Italy

6. Marina di Massa

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Massa is located close to the coast, and a visit to Marina di Massa is highly recommended. Enjoy the sandy beaches, soak up the sun, and take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of the Ligurian Sea. Address: Viale Italia, 43, 54100 Marina di Massa MS, Italy

7. Carrara Marble Quarries

Image Source: https://www.dedalostone.com/en/carrara-marble-quarry-how-to-visit-quarries-by-yourself-or-with-guided-tours/

Massa is famous for being near the Carrara Marble Quarries, where the exquisite white Carrara marble is sourced. Take a guided tour to learn about the marble extraction process and witness the awe-inspiring landscapes of the quarries. Address: Via Fantiscritti, 54033 Carrara MS, Italy

8. Antro del Corchia

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Adventure seekers should not miss the opportunity to explore Antro del Corchia, one of the deepest karst caves in Italy. Embark on a guided tour to discover its fascinating rock formations, underground lakes, and awe-inspiring chambers. Address: Via Grotta, 4, 54018 Levigliani LU, Italy

9. Museo del Marmo

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Delve into the world of marble at the Museo del Marmo (Marble Museum). Learn about the history, craftsmanship, and artistic applications of Carrara marble through interactive exhibits and displays. Address: Via G. Moretti, 18, 54033 Carrara MS, Italy

10. Gastronomy

Image Source: https://www.italia.it/en/tuscany/things-to-do/tuscan-wine-and-food-massa-marittima

Indulge in the culinary delights of Massa, where traditional Tuscan cuisine shines. Sample local specialties like fresh seafood, olive oil, wines, and delicious pasta dishes like tortelli massaese, a typical pasta of the region. Address:

11. Montignoso

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Tourism-g1186323-Montignoso_Province_of_Massa_Carrara_Tuscany-Vacations.html

Explore the nearby town of Montignoso, located just a short distance from Massa. Visit the Malaspina Castle, which offers panoramic views of the coastline, and wander through the charming historic center with its narrow streets and picturesque squares. Address: Montignoso is a neighboring town of Massa. It is recommended to explore the town center and its attractions.

12. Forte dei Marmi

Image Source: https://www.italia.it/en/tuscany/forte-dei-marmi

Just a few kilometers from Massa, Forte dei Marmi is a renowned seaside resort that attracts visitors with its glamorous atmosphere and beautiful beaches. Spend a day relaxing on the golden sands, indulge in some high-end shopping, or enjoy a meal at one of the exquisite restaurants along the promenade. Address: Forte dei Marmi is located on the coast, south of Massa. It can be reached by following the coastline on Viale Italia.

13. Viareggio

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Tourism-g194946-Viareggio_Province_of_Lucca_Tuscany-Vacations.html

Another nearby coastal town worth visiting is Viareggio. Known for its Carnival celebrations, Viareggio offers a vibrant atmosphere, a long promenade, and a wide sandy beach. Don’t miss the chance to try some delicious seafood at the local trattorias. Address: Viareggio is a coastal town located south of Massa. It can be reached by following the coastline on Viale Italia

14. Massaciuccoli Lake

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Nature lovers will appreciate a visit to Lake Massaciuccoli, located a short distance from Massa. Take a boat ride on the lake to admire its tranquil beauty and observe the diverse birdlife. The lake is also a great spot for hiking and biking. Address: Lake Massaciuccoli is situated west of Massa. The specific address may vary depending on the access point you choose.

15. Tuscan Countryside

Image Source: https://www.britannica.com/place/Massa

Venture beyond the city limits and explore the idyllic Tuscan countryside surrounding Massa. Rent a car or join a guided tour to visit the charming hilltop towns of Lucca, Pisa, and Siena. Marvel at the vineyards, olive groves, and rolling hills that make this region so enchanting. Address: The towns of Lucca, Pisa, and Siena are located outside of Massa. It is recommended to use GPS navigation or consult a map for specific addresses in these towns.

16. Wine Tasting

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Tuscany is renowned for its wine production, and Massa is no exception. Embark on a wine tasting tour in the surrounding areas and sample some of the region’s excellent wines, such as Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, and Vernaccia di San Gimignano. Address: Wineries offering wine tastings are spread throughout the Tuscan region. It is advisable to research and select specific wineries based on your preferences and location.

17. Thermal Baths

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Pamper yourself with a visit to one of the thermal baths near Massa. The nearby town of Bagni di Lucca is known for its thermal springs, where you can relax and rejuvenate in the soothing waters. Address: Bagni di Lucca is a town known for its thermal baths, situated northeast of Massa. The specific address may vary depending on the thermal bath establishment you choose.

18. Cycling

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Massa and its surroundings offer beautiful cycling routes for enthusiasts. Rent a bike and explore the scenic countryside, pedaling through picturesque villages and vineyards. The hilly terrain provides a challenging but rewarding experience. Address: Cycling routes in the countryside around Massa can be explored based on personal preference and chosen destinations. It is recommended to consult cycling maps or local guides for specific routes.