19 Best Places And Things To Do in Pistoia, Italy

Pistoia, located in the beautiful Tuscany region of Italy, is a charming city that often gets overshadowed by its more famous neighbors such as Florence and Pisa. However, Pistoia has a rich history, stunning architecture, and a vibrant cultural scene that make it a hidden gem worth exploring. Here are some of the best places to visit and things to do in Pistoia.

1. Piazza del Duomo

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tart your exploration of Pistoia in the heart of the city at Piazza del Duomo. This lively square is dominated by the impressive Pistoia Cathedral, also known as the Duomo di San Zeno. Admire the intricate facade and step inside to marvel at the beautiful interior adorned with stunning frescoes. Address: Piazza del Duomo, 51100 Pistoia PT, Italy

2. Ospedale del Ceppo

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A visit to Pistoia wouldn’t be complete without seeing the Ospedale del Ceppo, a unique and fascinating building. The exterior is adorned with a series of ceramic friezes known as “Robbiana,” depicting scenes from Pistoia’s history and folklore. Inside, you can visit the hospital’s museum, which houses an impressive collection of Renaissance art. Address: Via dell’Ospedale del Ceppo, 2, 51100 Pistoia PT, Italy

3. Pistoia Underground

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Explore the hidden underground tunnels of Pistoia by visiting Pistoia Sotterranea. This guided tour takes you beneath the city streets to discover ancient Roman houses, medieval cellars, and even an underground river. It’s a fascinating journey through Pistoia’s history. Address: Via Pacini, 66, 51100 Pistoia PT, Italy

4. San Giovanni Fuoricivitas

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Escape the hustle and bustle of the city center and head to San Giovanni Fuoricivitas. This tranquil church is located just outside the city walls and offers a peaceful atmosphere. Admire the beautiful Romanesque architecture and enjoy the panoramic views of Pistoia from the adjacent park. Address: Via di Sant’Andrea, 49, 51100 Pistoia PT, Italy

5. Museo Civico

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If you’re interested in art and history, don’t miss the Museo Civico. Housed in the Palazzo Comunale, this museum showcases a wide range of artifacts and artworks, including medieval and Renaissance sculptures, paintings, and ceramics. It’s a great place to learn about Pistoia’s cultural heritage. Address: Palazzo Comunale, Piazza del Duomo, 1, 51100 Pistoia PT, Italy

6. Botanical Garden of Pistoia

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Nature lovers should make a stop at the Botanical Garden of Pistoia. Founded in 1543, it is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Europe. Stroll through the beautifully landscaped grounds, admire the diverse plant collections, and relax in the peaceful surroundings. Address: Via Pier Andrea Saccardo, 1, 51100 Pistoia PT, Italy

7. Pistoia Zoo

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Families with children will enjoy a visit to the Pistoia Zoo. Located just outside the city, this well-maintained zoo is home to a variety of animals from around the world. The zoo focuses on conservation and education, offering an enriching experience for visitors of all ages. Address: Via Pieve a Celle Nuova, 160, 51100 Pistoia PT, Italy

8. Local Cuisine

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Indulge in the delicious Tuscan cuisine while in Pistoia. Sample local specialties such as ribollita (a hearty vegetable soup), tortelli di patate (potato-stuffed pasta), and the famous Pistoia nougat. Be sure to pair your meal with a glass of local wine for a truly authentic experience. Address:

9. Montecatini Terme

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Just a short distance from Pistoia, you’ll find the town of Montecatini Terme, known for its thermal baths. Take a day trip to relax and rejuvenate in the healing waters or explore the charming town with its elegant Liberty-style architecture. Address: Located in the province of Pistoia, it is easily accessible from Pistoia.

10. Explore the Surrounding Countryside

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Pistoia is surrounded by picturesque countryside, dotted with charming villages, vineyards, and olive groves. Rent a bike or take a leisurely drive to explore the scenic landscapes, visit local wineries, and savor the beauty of rural Tuscany. Address:

11. Funicolare di Pistoia

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Take a ride on the Funicolare di Pistoia, a charming funicular railway that connects the historic city center with the hilltop neighborhood of Sant’Anna. Enjoy panoramic views of Pistoia as you ascend, and once at the top, explore the neighborhood’s narrow streets, picturesque squares, and lovely gardens. Address: Via Atto Vannucci, 5, 51100 Pistoia PT, Italy

12. San Bartolomeo in Pantano

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Visit the Church of San Bartolomeo in Pantano, a hidden gem located a short distance from the city center. This Romanesque church dates back to the 11th century and features beautiful frescoes and a peaceful atmosphere. Take a moment to appreciate the tranquility and admire the ancient artwork. Address: Via di Pantano, 18, 51100 Pistoia PT, Italy

13. Mercato Nuovo

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture by visiting the Mercato Nuovo, Pistoia’s main market. Wander through the bustling stalls filled with fresh produce, local delicacies, and traditional products. It’s a great place to buy some local ingredients or souvenirs to take home. Address: Piazza della Sala, 17, 51100 Pistoia PT, Italy

14. Villa Celle

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Art enthusiasts should not miss the opportunity to visit Villa Celle, a contemporary art museum located in the outskirts of Pistoia. The museum is set within a stunning villa and park and features an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art installations. Address: Via Montalese, 7, 51100 Pistoia PT, Italy

15. Cycling in the Pistoia Mountains

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If you’re up for some outdoor adventure, explore the beautiful Pistoia Mountains on a cycling excursion. The region offers a network of scenic cycling routes that wind through charming villages, lush forests, and breathtaking landscapes. Enjoy the fresh air and stunning views as you pedal through the countryside. Address: Various routes available in the Pistoia Mountains region.

16. Pistoia Blues Festival

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If you happen to visit Pistoia in July, make sure to check out the Pistoia Blues Festival. This internationally renowned music festival brings together talented musicians and bands for a series of unforgettable concerts. Experience the electric atmosphere and enjoy live performances in various venues across the city. Address: Various venues across Pistoia, check for specific locations during the festival.

17. Thermal Baths of Pistoia

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Relax and rejuvenate in the thermal baths of Pistoia. The city is known for its natural hot springs, and several spa resorts offer therapeutic treatments and wellness experiences. Spend a day pampering yourself with a soothing soak, a massage, or a range of wellness activities. Address: Various spa resorts in Pistoia offer thermal bath experiences.

18. Pistoia Mountains National Park

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Nature lovers should explore the Pistoia Mountains National Park, a protected area that offers breathtaking natural landscapes and diverse flora and fauna. Hike along the well-marked trails, picnic by scenic lakes, and admire the beauty of this untouched wilderness. Address: Various entrances and trails, depending on the specific route.

19. Pistoia Underground Music

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Experience the vibrant local music scene by attending a live concert or event at Pistoia Underground Music. This unique venue hosts a variety of performances, from indie bands to electronic music, in an underground space, creating an intimate and unforgettable atmosphere.   Address: Via del Can Bianco, 12, 51100 Pistoia PT, Italy