26 Best Places And Things To Do in Gaspé, Canada

Gaspé, located in the eastern part of Quebec, Canada, is a beautiful coastal city known for its stunning natural landscapes and rich maritime history. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a history buff, or simply seeking a relaxing getaway, Gaspé has something to offer for everyone. Here are some of the best places and things to do in Gaspé:

1. Forillon National Park

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This iconic national park is a must-visit destination in Gaspé. It boasts rugged cliffs, picturesque coastal vistas, and diverse wildlife. Hiking trails like the Cap Bon-Ami and Mont-Saint-Alban offer breathtaking views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Keep an eye out for whales and seals during the summer months.

2. Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island

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A short drive from Gaspé, Percé is home to the famous Percé Rock, a massive limestone formation that juts out of the ocean. You can take a boat tour to Bonaventure Island to see one of the largest gannet colonies in the world. The sight of thousands of birds nesting on the cliffs is truly awe-inspiring.

3. Musée de la Gaspésie

Image Source: https://www.tourisme-gaspesie.com/en/visiter/musee-de-la-gaspesie/3681534.html

To delve into the region’s history and culture, visit this museum in the heart of Gaspé. It offers fascinating exhibits on the indigenous Mi’kmaq people, the early European settlers, and the fishing industry that shaped the city’s heritage.

4. Haldimand Beach

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This sandy beach is a wonderful spot to relax, swim, and enjoy the view of Percé Rock in the distance. It’s an ideal place for a family picnic or a peaceful stroll along the shoreline.

5. Land’s End

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Head to the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula, where you’ll find Land’s End (Cap Gaspé). The striking lighthouse here offers a fantastic panoramic view of the sea and the surrounding landscapes.

6. Kayaking and Whale Watching

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Gaspé’s coastal waters are perfect for kayaking. You can rent kayaks and explore the coastline, or join a guided tour to spot whales, seals, and seabirds up close.

7. Parc du Bourg de Pabos

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Attraction_Review-g7317828-d7317665-Reviews-Parc_du_Bourg_de_Pabos-Pabos_Mills_Gaspesie_Region_Quebec.html

A historical park that showcases the remains of an 18th-century fishing village. It’s a great place to learn about the area’s maritime past and enjoy a peaceful walk along the shore.

8. Forillon Golf Club

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If you’re a golf enthusiast, don’t miss the opportunity to play a round of golf at this scenic course overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

9. Festivals and Events

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Check the local calendar for festivals and events happening in Gaspé throughout the year. From cultural celebrations to seafood festivals, you’ll get a taste of the region’s vibrant community spirit.

10. Local Cuisine

Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuisine_of_Quebec

Treat yourself to the local delicacies, including fresh seafood, particularly lobster and crab, as well as traditional Quebecois dishes in the city’s restaurants and eateries.

11. Cap-des-Rosiers Lighthouse

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g1582793-d4544929-Reviews-Phare_du_Cap_des_Rosiers-Cap_des_Rosiers_Gaspesie_Region_Quebec.html

Visit the tallest lighthouse in Canada, standing proudly in Forillon National Park. Climb to the top for stunning views of the surrounding landscapes and the ocean. The lighthouse also has an on-site museum where you can learn about its maritime history.

12. Gaspé Copper Mine

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Discover the remnants of a former copper mine that operated in the area during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Take a guided tour to explore the mining facilities and learn about the industry’s importance to the region.

13. Sea Kayaking in Bonaventure Island

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Paddle your way around Bonaventure Island’s emerald waters, exploring sea caves and observing a variety of seabirds. This adventure offers a unique perspective of the island’s natural beauty.

14. Salmon Fishing

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Gaspé is renowned for its excellent salmon fishing opportunities. Several rivers, including the York, Dartmouth, and Grand Cascapedia, are famous for Atlantic salmon fishing. Fishing enthusiasts will find paradise in these pristine waters.

15. Percé Geopark

Image Source: https://www.toursincanada.com/perce-rock-in-quebecs-famous-gaspe

Discover the geological wonders of Percé at the Percé Geopark, where you can learn about the ancient rocks, fossils, and tectonic events that shaped the region. Guided tours provide valuable insights into the area’s geological history.

16. Micmac Interpretation Site

Image Source: https://www.tourisme-gaspesie.com/en/visiter/micmac-interpretation-site-of-gespeg/3687449.html

Gain a deeper understanding of the local Mi’kmaq First Nations culture and heritage at this interpretive center. Learn about their traditions, art, and historical significance in the region.

17. Plage Haldimand

Image Source: https://www.keroul.qc.ca/en/establishment/gaspesie/attraction/9924-plage-haldimand.html

This long sandy beach is perfect for sunbathing, beachcombing, and swimming during the warmer months. It offers stunning views of Percé Rock and is a great spot to watch the sunset.

18. Hiking in Chic-Choc Mountains

Image Source: https://vtsports.com/in-the-grasp-of-the-gaspe-a-journey-by-ski-in-the-western-chic-chocs/

If you’re an experienced hiker seeking a challenge, venture into the nearby Chic-Choc Mountains. These rugged mountains offer some of the best backcountry hiking experiences in eastern Canada.

19. Gaspé Marina

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Take a leisurely stroll along the marina, where you can admire the boats, watch the fishermen at work, and enjoy the fresh sea breeze.

20. Backcountry Camping

Image Source: https://offtracktravel.ca/best-gaspe-peninsula-camping-quebec/

For those seeking a more immersive outdoor experience, consider backcountry camping in Forillon National Park or the Chic-Choc Mountains. Spend a night under the stars and awaken to the sounds of nature surrounding you.

21. Micmac Crafts

Image Source: https://www.quebecmaritime.ca/en/blog/first-nations-people-in-gaspesie-meet-the-mi-gmaq

Immerse yourself in local art and craftsmanship by visiting various boutiques and workshops that showcase traditional Micmac crafts. You can find unique handmade items such as baskets, beadwork, and wood carvings.

22. Gaspesian British Heritage Village

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g668520-d4559682-Reviews-Gaspesian_British_Heritage_Village-New_Richmond_Gaspesie_Region_Quebec.html

Step back in time and experience life as it was in the 19th century at this living history museum. The village recreates a British military outpost and a traditional fishing community, giving you a glimpse into Gaspé’s past.

23. Scuba Diving

Image Source: https://www.quebecmaritime.ca/en/what-to-do/scuba-diving-and-snorkelling

Discover the underwater wonders of Gaspé’s marine environment through scuba diving. The region boasts clear waters and an abundance of marine life, including shipwrecks that make for exciting diving experiences.

24. Les Artisans du Sable

Image Source: https://www.keroul.qc.ca/en/establishment/iles-de-la-madeleine/attraction/4871-atelier-cotier-artisans-du-sable.html

Visit this unique attraction where local artists create impressive sand sculptures inspired by Gaspé’s landscapes and history. The intricate sand artistry is a testament to the talent and creativity of the region’s artisans.

25. Parc du Bourg de Pabos Music Festival

Image Source: https://www.quebecmaritime.ca/en/company/parc-du-bourg-de-pabos/activities

If you’re visiting in the summer, don’t miss the opportunity to attend this annual music festival. Enjoy live performances by local and international artists in a beautiful outdoor setting.

26. Relax at a Spa

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After a day of exploration, treat yourself to some relaxation at one of Gaspé’s spas. Unwind with a massage, soak in a hot tub, and rejuvenate your body and mind.