34 Best Places And Things To Do in Asbestos, Canada

Asbestos is a charming city located in the province of Quebec, Canada. Despite its unfortunate name association with the mineral, the city offers a unique blend of history, outdoor activities, and cultural experiences. Here are some of the best places to visit and things to do in Asbestos:

1. Parc National du Mont-Mégantic

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Located about an hour’s drive from Asbestos, this national park is a haven for nature enthusiasts. The park is famous for its dark sky reserve, making it an ideal spot for stargazing and astrophotography. Hiking trails, wildlife viewing, and the picturesque Mont-Mégantic Observatory are some of the attractions here.

2. Parc des Vétérans

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This beautiful park in Asbestos is perfect for a leisurely stroll, a family picnic, or simply enjoying the green surroundings. The park has well-maintained walking paths, playgrounds for children, and plenty of space for outdoor activities.

3. Musée minéralogique et minier de Thetford Mines

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Just a short drive away from Asbestos, this museum offers a fascinating insight into the region’s mining history and the significance of asbestos in the past. It provides educational exhibits about minerals, geology, and the impact of mining on the local community.

4. Domaine Howard

Image Source: https://fr.tripadvisor.ca/Attraction_Review-g155035-d619699-Reviews-Domaine_Howard_Park-Sherbrooke_Quebec.html

Once the mansion of William Howard, a mining magnate, this historic site now houses a cultural center. The elegant architecture, beautiful gardens, and occasional art exhibitions make it a delightful place to explore and appreciate local culture.

5. Centre Récréatif d’Asbestos

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This recreation center provides indoor activities like swimming, ice skating, and sports facilities. It’s an excellent place to stay active, especially during the colder months.

6. Festivals and Events

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Asbestos hosts various festivals and events throughout the year. Be sure to check the local calendar to see if there are any cultural festivals, music events, or celebrations taking place during your visit.

7. Local Cuisine

Image Source: https://www.insidevancouver.ca/2020/07/02/vancouver-restaurants-that-made-the-canadas-best-100/

Embrace the Quebecois culinary delights by trying some of the local dishes. Poutine, maple syrup treats, and regional cheeses are just a few of the must-try items.

8. Explore nearby towns

Image Source: https://www.asbestos.com/news/2016/11/07/asbestos-mining-town-canada-new-identity/

While in Asbestos, consider exploring nearby towns like Sherbrooke and Drummondville. Each town has its unique charm, attractions, and local experiences to offer.

9. Asbestos Golf Club

Image Source: https://www.golfpass.com/travel-advisor/courses/28060-royal-estrie-golf-club

If you’re a golf enthusiast, head to the Asbestos Golf Club to enjoy a relaxing day on the course surrounded by lush greenery.

10. Scenic Drives

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Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Eastern Townships region by taking drives along picturesque routes, especially during the fall when the foliage transforms into vibrant colors.

11. Asbestos Cathedral

Image Source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/asbestos-registry-demanded-for-federal-public-buildings-1.2989121

A visit to the Asbestos Cathedral, also known as the Cathédrale Saint-Jean-l’Évangéliste, is a must for those interested in religious architecture. This beautiful neo-Gothic church, with its intricate stained glass windows and impressive facade, is a significant landmark in the city.

12. Winter Sports

Image Source: https://secretvancouver.co/canadian-winter-sports/

During the winter months, Asbestos and the surrounding areas become a playground for winter sports enthusiasts. Skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing are popular activities in nearby ski resorts and parks.

13. Local Arts and Crafts

Image Source: https://www.digitsandthreads.ca/features/indigenous-art-craft/

Support local artisans and explore unique arts and crafts shops in the city. From handmade jewelry to pottery and artwork, you might find a special souvenir to take home as a reminder of your trip.

14. Lac Brompton

Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Brompton

Just a short drive away from Asbestos, Lac Brompton is a peaceful lake perfect for relaxation and water-based activities. You can go kayaking, paddleboarding, or simply soak in the serene atmosphere.

15. La Source Bleue Spa

Image Source: https://www.thecoolist.com/la-source-spa-pavilion-quebec/

Treat yourself to some pampering at La Source Bleue Spa. Relax in hot tubs, saunas, and enjoy various spa treatments to unwind and rejuvenate.

16. Historical Walking Tours

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Join a guided historical walking tour to learn about the city’s past, its mining heritage, and the stories of its founding.

17. Attend a Local Event

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Keep an eye out for local events, such as concerts, theater performances, or community gatherings. Engaging with the community will give you a deeper understanding of the city’s culture and traditions.

18. Asbestos Historical Society and Archive

Image Source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/mcgill-asbestos-study-flawed-epidemiologist-says-1.1249464

Delve deeper into the city’s rich history by visiting the Asbestos Historical Society and Archive. Here, you can discover an extensive collection of photographs, documents, and artifacts that tell the story of Asbestos and its transformation over the years.

19. Canoeing on the Nicolet River

Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicolet_River

The nearby Nicolet River provides a tranquil setting for a canoeing adventure. Rent a canoe or kayak and paddle along the river, surrounded by the lush greenery and the soothing sounds of nature.

20. Camping in the Eastern Townships

Image Source: https://www.easterntownships.org/article/619/15-campgrounds-to-discover-this-summer

For a more immersive experience in the great outdoors, consider camping in the Eastern Townships. There are several campgrounds and parks in the region where you can pitch a tent, build a campfire, and enjoy a night under the stars.

21. Visit a Sugar Shack

Image Source: https://www.moretimetotravel.com/so-sweet-visiting-a-sugar-shack-in-quebec/

If you visit Asbestos during the spring, don’t miss the opportunity to experience a traditional sugar shack. This Quebecois tradition involves maple syrup production, hearty meals, and lively entertainment.

22. Local Art Galleries

Image Source: https://synergist.aiha.org/201605-health-and-safety-in-museums

Explore the local art scene by visiting art galleries and studios in Asbestos. You may find works of talented artists inspired by the region’s landscapes and culture.

23. Attend a Cultural Event

Image Source: https://www.culturenet.ca/5-canadian-cultural-events-you-should-attend-in-2018/

Check the city’s event calendar for cultural festivals, music concerts, and dance performances. These events often showcase the talents of local artists and provide a glimpse into the city’s vibrant cultural scene.

24. L’Orchestre Symphonique de l’Estrie

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g155032-d605456-Reviews-L_Orchestre_Symphonique_de_Montreal_OSM-Montreal_Quebec.html

If you’re a music enthusiast, see if there’s a performance by the L’Orchestre Symphonique de l’Estrie during your visit. Enjoy a night of classical music and appreciate the talents of the orchestra’s musicians.

25. Participate in Local Workshops

Image Source: https://www.ccohs.ca/products/courses/asbestos/

Some local workshops may offer hands-on experiences, such as pottery-making, painting, or cooking classes. Engaging in these activities can be a fun and creative way to immerse yourself in the local culture.

26. Relax at Mont Gleason Spa

Image Source: https://www.chaletsauquebec.com/en/cottages-ski/quebec/mont-gleason

Treat yourself to a day of relaxation at Mont Gleason Spa. Unwind with a massage, soak in hot springs, and enjoy the serene mountain views.

27. Fishing at Lac Nicolet

Image Source: https://www.kaipkada.lt/zvejo-kalendorius-2021-kada-ir-kas-kimba/

Fishing enthusiasts will find joy in spending a day at Lac Nicolet, a serene lake teeming with various fish species. Cast your line and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings while waiting for a catch.

28. Golfing at Club de Golf Royal Estrie

Image Source: https://www.golfpass.com/travel-advisor/courses/28060-royal-estrie-golf-club

Golf lovers can challenge themselves at Club de Golf Royal Estrie, a picturesque golf course with well-maintained fairways and stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.

29. Taste Quebec’s Ice Cider

Image Source: https://artofeating.com/the-phenomenon-of-ice-cider/

While in Asbestos, take the opportunity to taste Quebec’s renowned ice cider. Visit local cideries and learn about the cider-making process while savoring the unique flavors of this sweet and refreshing drink.

30. Volunteer or Join a Community Event

Image Source: https://www.oxfam.ca/take-action/get-involved/become-a-volunteer/

Embrace the welcoming community spirit of Asbestos by volunteering or participating in a local community event. It’s an excellent way to interact with residents, make new friends, and immerse yourself in the warm-hearted atmosphere.

31. Explore Mount Ham

Image Source: https://www.easterntownships.org/regions/2/des-sources

For a challenging outdoor adventure, consider hiking up Mount Ham. The rewarding panoramic views from the summit make the hike worthwhile for nature enthusiasts and hikers seeking a more demanding trail.

32. Skateboarding at Parc des Deux Lacs

Image Source: https://www.cbc.ca/archives/skateboarding-past-1978-1.6080310

If you’re into skateboarding or rollerblading, head to Parc des Deux Lacs, where you can find a skate park with ramps, rails, and other features to practice your skills.

33. Attend a Theater Performance

Image Source: https://www.stoughtonnews.com/news/community/opera-house-makes-changes-in-era-of-social-distancing/article_10fd7d6d-b20a-5a1b-b913-1500a6bb26e8.html

Check if there are any theater performances or live shows happening in the city during your visit. Enjoy an evening of entertainment and witness the talents of local actors and performers.

34. Capture Sunrise or Sunset

Image Source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/saskatchewan-sunrises-sunsets-1.3849628

Capture the beauty of Asbestos during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. The warm hues and scenic landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for photography enthusiasts.