7 Best Places and Things To Do in Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Cedarburg, Wisconsin, is a charming town located just 20 miles north of Milwaukee. Known for its rich history, preserved 19th-century architecture, and scenic natural beauty, Cedarburg offers visitors a delightful blend of cultural attractions, outdoor activities, and small-town charm.

1. Cedar Creek Settlement

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Start your journey in Cedarburg by exploring the historic Cedar Creek Settlement. This beautifully restored 1864 woolen mill complex now houses a collection of specialty shops, art galleries, restaurants, and a winery. Take a leisurely stroll through the cobblestone streets, shop for unique gifts and antiques, and indulge in delicious local cuisine.

2. Covered Bridge

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Cedarburg’s iconic landmarks is the Cedarburg Covered Bridge. Built in 1876, it is one of the last remaining covered bridges in Wisconsin. The bridge spans Cedar Creek and offers a picturesque setting for photographs. Take a walk across the bridge and enjoy the tranquil surroundings.

3. Cedarburg Art Museum

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Art lovers should visit the Cedarburg Art Museum, which features a collection of contemporary art and regional artists’ works. The museum also hosts rotating exhibitions and educational programs for visitors of all ages.

4. Cedarburg Cultural Center

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Housed in a renovated 1888 National Register church building, the Cedarburg Cultural Center offers a wide range of cultural and artistic experiences. Enjoy concerts, art exhibits, workshops, and special events throughout the year. The center also provides art classes and camps for children.

5. Cedarburg History Museum

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Cedarburg’s past, head to the Cedarburg History Museum. Housed in the town’s original firehouse, the museum features exhibits that chronicle the area’s history, including its early settlers, industries, and cultural heritage. Discover artifacts, photographs, and interactive displays that bring the town’s story to life.

6. Ozaukee Interurban Trail

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The Ozaukee Interurban Trail is a popular recreational trail that spans approximately 30 miles, connecting the communities of Mequon, Cedarburg, Grafton, Port Washington, and Belgium in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin. This scenic trail follows the former route of the historic interurban railway that operated in the early 20th century, offering a delightful experience for walkers, joggers, cyclists, and rollerbladers alike.

7. Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts

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The Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts is a unique cultural institution located in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Dedicated to showcasing and preserving the rich heritage of quilting and fiber arts, the museum offers visitors a captivating journey through the world of textile artistry. The museum features a rotating collection of exhibitions that highlight the beauty, craftsmanship, and innovation of quilts and fiber arts.

Cedarburg, Wisconsin, is a delightful destination that seamlessly combines history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you’re strolling through its charming downtown, indulging in local wines, or exploring the scenic trails, Cedarburg