7 Best Places and Things To Do in Utica, New York

Utica, New York, is a vibrant city located in the Mohawk Valley region. It offers a rich history, diverse culture, and a wide array of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in exploring historical landmarks, indulging in culinary delights, or immersing yourself in natural beauty, Utica has something for everyone. Here are some of the best places and things to do in Utica.

1. Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute:

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Proctor Arts Institute: Start your journey in Utica by visiting this renowned art museum and gallery. It features an extensive collection of American and European art, including works by renowned artists such as Monet, Picasso, and O’Keeffe. The museum also houses the PrattMWP College of Art and Design, offering art education and workshops.

2. Utica Zoo

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Experience wildlife up close at the Utica Zoo, which houses over 200 animals from around the world. The zoo features exhibits like the African Lion Safari, Primate Building, and the Children’s Zoo. It’s a great place to spend a day with family and friends, and they often host special events and programs.

3. Utica Children’s Museum

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Perfect for families with young children, the Utica Children’s Museum offers interactive exhibits and educational activities. Kids can explore the world of science, technology, arts, and culture through hands-on experiences. The museum aims to inspire creativity, curiosity, and learning in children of all ages.

4. Utica Marsh Wildlife Management Area

Utica Harbor Lock inside Utica Marsh Wildlife Management Area

Image Source: https://www.newyorkbyrail.com/local-guide/utica-marsh-wildlife-management/

Nature lovers will appreciate the Utica Marsh, a 213-acre wetland area located just north of the city. Explore the trails and boardwalks, spot various bird species, and enjoy the tranquility of this urban wildlife sanctuary.

5. St. Joseph & St. Patrick Church

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St. Joseph & St. Patrick Church is a significant religious landmark in Utica, New York. Located in the heart of the city, this Catholic church holds historical and cultural significance for the community.

6. Oneida County Historical Society

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The Oneida County Historical Society is an invaluable resource for exploring the history and heritage of Oneida County and the surrounding region. Located in Utica, New York, the historical society offers a wealth of exhibits, collections, and educational programs that bring the area’s past to life.

7. Adirondack Scenic Railroad

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Embark on a scenic train ride through the breathtaking landscapes of the Adirondack region. The Adirondack Scenic Railroad offers various excursions departing from Utica, allowing you to enjoy the picturesque scenery, including forests, rivers, and mountains.

Utica, New York, has something for every visitor. Immerse yourself in the city’s rich culture, explore its fascinating attractions, and create lasting memories in this vibrant Mohawk Valley destination.