7 Best Places And Things To Do In Umuahia, Nigeria

Looking to visit Umuahia anytime soon? Then this article is for you. Umuahia is a city located in the southeastern part of Nigeria. The city has a rich cultural and historical background and is home to various tourist attractions that are sure to excite visitors. 

Here are seven of the best places and things to do in Umuahia:

1. National War Museum

Image source: https://www.nigeriagalleria.com/Nigeria/States_Nigeria/Abia/National-War-Museum-Umuahia.html

The National War Museum is located in Umuahia and was established in 1985 to preserve the history of the Nigerian Civil War. The museum features various artifacts, including weapons, photographs, and uniforms used during the war. Visitors can also explore the museum’s outdoor area, which includes tanks, fighter jets, and other war machinery.

2. Akwete Weaving Village

Image source: https://tdsblog.com/akwete-igbo-traditional-textile-made-in-nigeria/

One of the most exciting parts of visiting the Akwete Weaving Village is the opportunity to purchase handmade textiles as souvenirs. The textiles range from scarves and shawls to traditional Nigerian garments such as the buba and iro. The textiles make great gifts for friends and family, and they are also a great way to support the local community and preserve the tradition of weaving in Akwete.

In addition to watching the weavers at work and purchasing textiles, as a visitor to Akwete Weaving Village, you can also learn about the history of weaving in the village. The village has a rich cultural heritage, and weaving has played a significant role in the village’s history and development. You can learn about the different types of textiles produced in the village, the cultural significance of the textiles, and the role of weaving in the village’s economy.

3. Ngodo Drummers

Image source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Retiring_from_all_village_involvement_%28Igboto_mma%29_in_Umuahia,_Abia_state_05.jpg

The Ngodo Drummers are a group of traditional drummers based in Umuahia, Nigeria. The group is known for its vibrant performances that showcase the rhythms and beats of Nigerian music.

The Ngodo Drummers use a variety of traditional percussion instruments, including the talking drum, djembe, and dundun. The drums are played in a synchronized manner to create a rhythmic and energetic sound that is sure to get the audience moving. The group also uses call-and-response singing to engage the audience and create a lively atmosphere.

4. Umuahia Golf Course

Image source: https://ng.infoaboutcompanies.com/Catalog/Abia/Umuahia/Golf-Club/Arsenal-Golf-Club,-Obinze,-Owerri

The Umuahia Golf Course is a beautiful 18-hole golf course located in the city center. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a round of golf while taking in the stunning scenery and fresh air.

5. Iyi-Ukwu Palace

Image source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enugwu_Ukwu

The Iyi-Ukwu Palace is a historic palace located in the heart of Umuahia. The palace was built in the early 1900s and is home to various artifacts and relics that showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage.

6. Arochukwu Long Juju Slave Route

Image source: https://www.pulse.ng/lifestyle/food-travel/arochukwu-long-juju-a-brief-walk-into-a-forgotten-temple-of-judgment/5w7fypr.amp

The Arochukwu Long Juju Slave Route is a historical trail that was used by slave traders in the 18th and 19th centuries. Visitors can explore the route, which features various landmarks and artifacts that tell the story of the slave trade in Nigeria.

7. Azumini Blue River

Image source: https://www.facebook.com/nigeriantravel/posts/the-azumini-blue-riverabi-statethe-azumini-blue-river-is-located-in-abia-state-a/2238109773143491/

The Azumini Blue River is a natural wonder located in Umuahia. The river is known for its crystal-clear blue waters, which provide a refreshing swimming experience for visitors. The surrounding scenery is also breathtaking, with lush green vegetation and stunning rock formations.