9 Best Places and Things To Do in Tržič, Slovenia

Tržič is a picturesque town in Slovenia, located in the foothills of the Julian Alps. It is a perfect destination for travelers seeking adventure, history, and natural beauty. Here are some of the best places to visit and things to do in Tržič:

1. Tržič Museum

Image Source: https://www.visit-trzic.com/en/attractions/cultural-attractions/trzic-museum.html

is a must-visit attraction for history lovers. The museum is located in the old town and houses numerous exhibits on the town’s history, culture, and industry. The museum also showcases the traditional crafts of the region, including shoemaking, woodworking, and lace-making.

2. Dovžan Gorge

Image Source: https://www.visit-trzic.com/en/attractions/natural-attractions/the-dovzan-gorge.html

The Dovžan Gorge is a natural wonder located near Tržič. The gorge is known for its crystal-clear waters and stunning scenery. Visitors can explore the gorge on a wooden walkway that runs along the water, and there are also several swimming spots along the way.

3. Kurnik House

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The Kurnik House is a unique attraction in Tržič that offers visitors a glimpse into the town’s traditional way of life. The house was once home to a wealthy family, and today it has been preserved as a museum. Visitors can see the original furniture, clothing, and household items that were used by the family in the 19th century.

4. Bistrica River Gorge

File:Dovzanova soteska 5.jpg

Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tr%C5%BEi%C4%8D_Bistrica

The Bistrica River Gorge is a beautiful natural attraction located near Tržič. The gorge is home to stunning waterfalls, rock formations, and lush vegetation, making it an ideal spot for hiking and exploring.

5. Triglav National Park


Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triglav_National_Park

Tržič is located close to the Triglav National Park, Slovenia’s only national park, which is home to the country’s highest peak, Mount Triglav. The park is a natural wonderland with stunning landscapes, crystal clear rivers, and lakes. It’s a great place to go hiking, cycling, or kayaking.

6. Peračica Waterfall

Image Source: https://www.photohound.co/spot/peracica-waterfall-1003565

The Peračica Waterfall is a stunning natural wonder located near Tržič. The waterfall is a popular spot for hikers and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.


Image Source: https://www.visit-trzic.com/en/accommodation/kriska-gora-hut.html

is a popular hiking destination located near Tržič. The peak offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and is also home to a pilgrimage church that dates back to the 15th century.

8. Vintgar Gorge

Image Source: https://vintgar.si/sightseeings/vintgar-gorge/?lang=en

Vintgar Gorge is a stunning natural attraction located near Tržič. The gorge is carved by the Radovna River and features a series of waterfalls and rapids. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the wooden walkways that lead through the gorge and admire the natural beauty of the area.

9. Kofce Gora

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located in the Karawanks range in Slovenia, near the town of Tržič. The mountain is a popular hiking destination, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Tržič is a town with a rich history and cultural heritage, surrounded by stunning natural scenery. Visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, immerse themselves in the town’s traditional way of life, and explore the area’s many cultural and natural attractions.