21 Best Places and Things To Do in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Spartanburg, South Carolina, often referred to as the “Hub City,” is a vibrant and historic city nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Known for its Southern charm, rich history, and cultural offerings, Spartanburg offers a variety of activities and attractions that are sure to delight visitors.

1. Chapman Cultural Center

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Start your exploration of Spartanburg at the Chapman Cultural Center, a state-of-the-art facility that houses a variety of arts and cultural organizations. The center hosts art exhibitions, live performances, and educational programs. It also serves as the gateway to the city’s thriving arts scene.

2. Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve

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Nature enthusiasts should not miss a visit to Hatcher Garden, a beautiful 10-acre garden and woodland preserve. Stroll along the winding trails, admire the colorful flowers, and enjoy the peaceful ambiance. The garden also hosts various events and workshops throughout the year.

3. Spartanburg Downtown

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Take a walk through Spartanburg’s charming downtown area, where you’ll find a mix of historic buildings, boutique shops, art galleries, and local eateries. Be sure to visit Morgan Square, the heart of downtown, which often hosts events, festivals, and live music.

4. Croft State Park


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Croft State Park is a scenic and expansive park located just outside Spartanburg, South Carolina. Spanning over 7,000 acres, the park offers a diverse range of outdoor activities and natural beauty that attract visitors throughout the year.

5. Glendale Shoals Preserve

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Glendale Shoals Preserve is a hidden gem located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. This 13-acre nature preserve is nestled along the banks of Lawson’s Fork Creek and offers visitors a serene and picturesque environment to explore. Glendale Shoals Preserve is renowned for its natural beauty. The preserve features a series of cascading shoals, rocky outcrops, and small waterfalls along the creek, creating a tranquil and scenic atmosphere. The clear waters and lush vegetation make it an ideal spot for nature photography and quiet contemplation.

7. Hub City Railroad Museum

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The Hub City Railroad Museum in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is a must-visit destination for history buffs and railroad enthusiasts. Housed in a beautifully restored train depot, the museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the rich railroad heritage of the area.

8. Oakwood Cemetary

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Oakwood Cemetery is a historic and tranquil cemetery located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Established in 1880, the cemetery is not only a final resting place for many individuals but also serves as a significant cultural and historical landmark in the community.

9. The Children’s Museum of the Upstate

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The Children’s Museum of the Upstate (TCMU) is a vibrant and interactive museum located in Greenville, South Carolina, with the mission of inspiring a lifelong love of learning through play. This award-winning museum offers a wide range of exhibits and activities designed to engage and educate children of all ages.

10. West Main Artists Co-Op

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The West Main Artists Co-Op is a vibrant arts organization and gallery located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It serves as a creative hub for local artists, providing a platform for them to showcase their work, collaborate with others, and engage with the community.

11. Cleveland Park

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Cleveland Park is a picturesque and expansive park located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Spanning over 95 acres, this popular community park offers a wide range of recreational activities and amenities for visitors of all ages. Cleveland Park features well-maintained walking trails that wind through the park’s beautiful natural surroundings. As you stroll along the paths, you’ll encounter serene landscapes, lush greenery, and even a peaceful creek.

12. Barnet Park

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Barnet Park is a vibrant and well-loved public park located in downtown Spartanburg, South Carolina. Spanning over 14 acres, this urban oasis offers a variety of amenities and serves as a popular gathering place for locals and visitors alike.

13. TJC Gallery (The Johnson Collection)

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The TJC Gallery, also known as The Johnson Collection, is a renowned art gallery located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Founded by George Dean Johnson Jr. and Susan (Susu) Rawls Johnson, the gallery showcases an exceptional collection of American art from the 18th through the 21st centuries.

14. Vintage Warehouse

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Vintage Warehouse is a popular destination for vintage and antique enthusiasts in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Located in the heart of the city, this unique store offers a curated selection of vintage items, collectibles, and antique treasures.

15. Cottonwood Trail

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The Cottonwood Trail is a scenic and popular nature trail located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Situated near Converse College, this approximately 1.5-mile trail offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

16. Spartanburg Art Museum

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The Spartanburg Art Museum (SAM) is a vibrant cultural institution located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. As a contemporary art museum, SAM plays a vital role in promoting and showcasing the work of regional, national, and international artists.

17. Edwin M. Griffin Nature Preserve

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The Edwin M. Griffin Nature Preserve is a scenic and serene natural area located in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. This 115-acre preserve is dedicated to preserving and protecting the region’s biodiversity and providing visitors with opportunities for outdoor recreation and nature exploration.

18. Upward Star Center

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The Upward Star Center is a premier sports complex located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It is a state-of-the-art facility that caters to athletes, sports teams, and individuals of all ages and skill levels. The Upward Star Center boasts extensive indoor sports facilities, including basketball courts, volleyball courts, soccer fields, and more.

19. Hub City Art Park

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The Hub City Art Park is a vibrant outdoor space located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It serves as a hub for artistic expression, community engagement, and cultural experiences. The park features a variety of outdoor art installations, including sculptures, murals, and other creative works. These artworks add color, beauty, and a sense of creativity to the park’s surroundings. They showcase the talent and artistic vision of local and regional artists, providing a visually stimulating environment for visitors to enjoy.

20. Hot Spot Skate Park

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Hot Spot Skate Park is a popular destination for skateboarders and BMX riders in Spartanburg, South Carolina. This indoor skate park provides a safe and inclusive environment for riders of all ages and skill levels. Hot Spot Skate Park offers a range of features and obstacles for skateboarders and BMX riders to enjoy. The park is equipped with ramps, rails, ledges, quarter pipes, and other elements that cater to different riding styles and abilities.

21. Rosalind Sallenger Richardson Center

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The Rosalind Sallenger Richardson Center for the Arts is a prominent art and performance venue located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Housed on the campus of Wofford College, this center serves as a hub for artistic expression, cultural experiences, and community engagement.

These are just a few of the many attractions and activities that await you in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Whether you’re interested in history, arts and culture, outdoor adventures, or simply enjoying the Southern hospitality, Spartanburg has something for everyone.