8 Best Places And Things To Do In Ogbomosho, Nigeria

Ogbomosho is a beautiful city located in the southwestern part of Nigeria, and it is a perfect destination for tourists seeking to explore the rich cultural heritage of the Yoruba people. The city boasts of several attractions, ranging from historical landmarks to natural wonders. 

In this article, we will be highlighting the eight best places and things to do in Ogbomosho, Nigeria.

1. Visit the Ogbomoso Palace

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The Ogbomoso palace is a historic landmark that dates back to the 17th century. It is the residence of the Alaafin of Oyo, who is the traditional ruler of the Oyo Empire. Visitors can take a tour of the palace and learn about the history and culture of the Yoruba people.

2. Explore the Owu Falls

Image source: https://rnn.ng/behind-the-scenes-and-stories-of-the-tallest-waterfall-in-west-africa/

The Owu Falls is a natural wonder located in Ifetedo village, about 20 km from Ogbomoso. It is a breathtaking waterfall that cascades down from a height of over 120 meters. Visitors can take a dip in the crystal clear waters or go on a picnic with friends and family.

3. Attend the Ogun festival

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The Ogun festival is an annual celebration that takes place in Ogbomoso. It is a cultural festival that celebrates the deity of iron, Ogun. The festival features traditional music, dance, and masquerades, and it is a great opportunity to learn about Yoruba culture.

4. Visit the Ogbomoso Zoo

Image source: https://oyoaffairs.net/oau-to-preserve-ogbomoso-tortoises-body-inside-palace-for-100-years/

The Ogbomoso zoo is home to a wide variety of animals, including lions, tigers, monkeys, and reptiles. It is a great place to visit with kids, and visitors can take a guided tour of the zoo.

5. Explore the National Museum of Unity

Image source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QkuP7d3gwY

The National Museum of Unity is located in the heart of Ogbomoso and is a great place to learn about the history and culture of Nigeria. The museum has a vast collection of artifacts, including traditional clothing, weapons, and musical instruments.

6. Shop at the Ogbomoso Main Market

Image source: https://ng.infoaboutcompanies.com/Catalog/Oyo/Ogbomoso/Market/Akande-Market

The Ogbomoso Main Market is a bustling market where visitors can shop for souvenirs, traditional clothing, and handmade crafts. It is a great place to experience the vibrant culture of Ogbomoso.

7. Visit the Ajilete Carnival

Image source: https://emporiumreporters.com.ng/ogbomoso-sons-daughters-celebrate-ajilete-carnival-in-grand-style/

The Ajilete Carnival is an annual carnival that takes place in Ogbomoso. It is a celebration of Yoruba culture and features traditional music, dance, and masquerades. It is a great opportunity to learn about the Yoruba culture and have fun with friends and family.

8. Attend a football match at the Ladoke Akintola Stadium

Image source: https://oyoreporters.com/oyo-atiku-others-celebrate-remodelling-efforts-on-lekan-salami-stadium/

The Ladoke Akintola Stadium is a modern stadium located in Ogbomoso. It is the home stadium of Crown FC, a Nigerian football team. Visitors can attend a football match and experience the passion and excitement of Nigerian football.

Ogbomoso is a city with a rich cultural heritage and plenty of attractions for tourists to explore. From historical landmarks to natural wonders, there is something for everyone in Ogbomoso. So, if you are planning a trip to Nigeria, make sure to add Ogbomoso to your itinerary.