13 Best Places and Things To Do in Lynchburg, Virginia

Lynchburg, Virginia is a charming city nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Known for its rich history, natural beauty, and vibrant culture, Lynchburg offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy.

1. Old City Cemetery

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Step back in time at the Old City Cemetery, a historic burial ground that dates back to 1806. It is not only a final resting place but also a beautifully maintained park with stunning gardens, walking paths, and fascinating stories of the people buried there. Take a guided tour to learn about Lynchburg’s past and its notable residents.

2. Riverwalk Trail

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Explore the scenic beauty of Lynchburg by taking a walk or bike ride along the Riverwalk Trail. This 4.5-mile paved trail follows the James River, offering breathtaking views of the water and surrounding landscapes. It’s a perfect way to enjoy nature and stay active.

3. Point of Honor

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Visit Point of Honor, an elegant Federal-style mansion that was once home to prominent Lynchburg residents. This historic house museum provides a glimpse into the lives of the city’s wealthy elite during the early 19th century. Take a guided tour to admire the beautifully preserved interiors and learn about the history of the house and its occupants.

4. Amazement Square

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If you’re traveling with children, a visit to Amazement Square is a must. This interactive children’s museum offers hands-on exhibits and educational activities that cater to kids of all ages. From art and science to history and outdoor play areas, Amazement Square provides a fun and engaging experience for the whole family.

5. Lynchburg Museum

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Immerse yourself in the history and culture of Lynchburg at the Lynchburg Museum. Housed in the historic Court House, the museum showcases exhibits that highlight the city’s development, from its founding in 1786 to the present day. Learn about Lynchburg’s role in the Civil War, its industrial heritage, and the influential people who shaped the city.

6. Percival’s Island Natural Area

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For a tranquil escape in the heart of the city, head to Percival’s Island Natural Area. This 167-acre park is situated in the James River and offers a network of scenic trails perfect for walking, jogging, or biking. Enjoy the lush greenery, spot wildlife, and take in panoramic views of the river as you unwind in nature.

7. Blackwater Creek Trail

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Lace up your hiking boots or hop on your bike and explore the scenic Blackwater Creek Trail. This picturesque trail spans over 9 miles and meanders along the banks of Blackwater Creek. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings, listen to the sounds of nature, and appreciate the beauty of this urban oasis.

8. Anne Spencer House

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Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Spencer_House

The Anne Spencer House, located in Lynchburg, Virginia, is a significant historic landmark and a testament to the life and work of Anne Spencer, an influential African-American poet, civil rights activist, and gardener. The house, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, stands as a reflection of Spencer’s creativity and legacy.

9. Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest

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Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest is a historic gem located just outside of Lynchburg, Virginia. This architectural masterpiece served as Thomas Jefferson’s private retreat and stands as a testament to his innovative design and intellectual pursuits. A visit to Poplar Forest offers a unique opportunity to delve into the mind of one of America’s founding fathers and explore the beauty of his secluded sanctuary.

10. SeaQuest Lynchburg

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SeaQuest Lynchburg is an interactive aquarium located in Lynchburg, Virginia that offers visitors an immersive and educational experience. It provides an opportunity to explore and learn about various marine and terrestrial animals from around the world. Whether you’re a marine enthusiast, a family with children, or simply curious about the wonders of the natural world, SeaQuest Lynchburg has something to offer.

11. Pest House Medical Museum

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The Pest House Medical Museum, also known as the Lynchburg Pest House, is a historical site located in Lynchburg, Virginia. It was originally built in 1793 as a quarantine facility for people with infectious diseases, particularly those with contagious illnesses like smallpox and tuberculosis. The Pest House served as a place where patients could be isolated and treated away from the general population.

12. Court House Hill

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Court House Hill is a historic neighborhood located in Lynchburg, Virginia. As the name suggests, it is situated on a hill, overlooking downtown Lynchburg and the James River. The neighborhood is known for its well-preserved historic architecture and its significance in the city’s history At the heart of Court House Hill is the Lynchburg Courthouse, which was built in 1855 and served as the city’s courthouse until 1974. The courthouse is an impressive Greek Revival-style building and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Today, it houses the Lynchburg Museum, which exhibits artifacts and documents related to the history of Lynchburg and the surrounding region.

13. Riverside Park

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Riverside Park is a well-known and popular park located in Lynchburg, Virginia. Situated along the banks of the James River, it offers a range of recreational activities and amenities for visitors to enjoy The park provides beautiful views of the James River.

Whether you’re interested in history, outdoor activities, or simply enjoying the local culture, Lynchburg, Virginia has something to offer every visitor. Explore its historic sites, enjoy its natural beauty, and immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of this delightful city.