8 Best Places and Things To Do in Kula, Hawaii

Kula is a charming town located on the slopes of Haleakala volcano in Maui, Hawaii. Known for its breathtaking views, cool climate, and lush landscapes, Kula is a perfect destination for those who love nature and outdoor activities. Here are some of the best places to visit and things to do in Kula:

1. Haleakala National Park

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This stunning national park is home to the dormant Haleakala volcano and offers breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset. Visitors can explore the park’s many hiking trails, including the popular Pipiwai Trail, which leads to the stunning Waimoku Falls.

2. Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm

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This beautiful farm is home to over 55,000 lavender plants and offers visitors the chance to take a relaxing stroll through the gardens. The farm also offers tours, workshops, and a gift shop with a variety of lavender-based products.

3. Kula Botanical Garden

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This beautiful garden features over 700 varieties of plants, including exotic tropical flowers, fruit trees, and indigenous Hawaiian plants. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll through the gardens and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

4. Haleakala Creamery

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Haleakala Creamery is a small, family-owned creamery located in the town of Kula on the slopes of Haleakala volcano in Maui, Hawaii. The creamery produces a variety of delicious artisanal goat milk cheeses and goat milk gelato using milk from their own goats. The creamery is open to the public for tastings and tours, where visitors can sample the cheeses and gelato and learn about the process of making them.

5. Harold Rice Park

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g60633-d2083579-Reviews-Harold_Rice_Park-Kula_Maui_Hawaii.html

Harold Rice Park is a charming public park located in the heart of Kula, on the slopes of Haleakala volcano in Maui, Hawaii. The park is named after Harold Rice, a local businessman who donated the land for the park to the County of Maui in 1971. The park covers an area of approximately 6 acres and features a variety of amenities and facilities, including a playground, a basketball court, a picnic area, and a baseball field.

6. Hosmer’s Grove

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This serene forest is located within the Haleakala National Park and features a variety of trees, including eucalyptus, pine, cedar, and cypress. Visitors can take a leisurely walk or hike through the forest and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

7. Grandma’s Coffee House

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This quaint coffee shop is located in Kula and serves a variety of delicious coffee drinks, as well as breakfast and lunch dishes. Visitors can enjoy their food and drink on the outdoor patio, which features beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

8. Enchanting Gardens

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Kula is home to several enchanting gardens that are worth exploring. One such garden is the Enchanting Floral Gardens of Kula, which showcases a wide variety of vibrant and exotic flowers. Visitors can stroll through the gardens and immerse themselves in the colorful blooms and fragrant scents.

Kula is a beautiful and relaxing destination that offers a variety of outdoor activities and stunning natural beauty. Whether you’re interested in hiking, surfing, or simply soaking up the beautiful scenery, you’re sure to have a memorable time in this charming town.