15 Best Places and Things To Do in Gonzales, Texas

Gonzales, Texas, known as the “Birthplace of Texas Independence,” is a charming city rich in history, natural beauty, and unique attractions. Located in the heart of Texas, Gonzales offers a delightful blend of cultural heritage, outdoor recreation, and small-town hospitality.

1. Gonzales Memorial Museum

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Start your exploration by visiting the Gonzales Memorial Museum, which pays homage to the city’s pivotal role in the Texas Revolution. Learn about the famous “Come and Take It” cannon and other artifacts that highlight Gonzales’ historical significance.

2. Pioneer Village Living History Center


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Step back in time at the Pioneer Village Living History Center, where you can experience life in the 19th century. This living history museum features authentic buildings, including log cabins and a blacksmith shop, showcasing the pioneer era.

3. Palmetto State Park

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Nature enthusiasts will love Palmetto State Park, located just outside Gonzales. This picturesque park offers scenic hiking trails, camping facilities, fishing opportunities, and a beautiful river for kayaking and canoeing. Keep an eye out for the park’s namesake palmetto trees.

4. J.B. Wells Park

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If you’re looking for outdoor recreational activities, head to J.B. Wells Park. This expansive park features facilities for camping, fishing, hiking, and birdwatching. It’s also home to the annual “Come and Take It” Celebration, a lively event commemorating Texas’ fight for independence.

5. Gonzales Main Street

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Take a stroll along Gonzales’ Main Street and soak up the city’s small-town charm. The historic downtown area is lined with beautifully preserved buildings housing unique shops, boutiques, antique stores, and local eateries. Don’t miss the chance to try some authentic Texas cuisine.

6. Independence Park

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Spend a leisurely afternoon at Independence Park, a serene green space perfect for picnicking, walking, or enjoying a game of disc golf. The park also hosts various events throughout the year, including concerts and festivals.

7. Gonzales County Jail Museum

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Get a glimpse into Gonzales’ past by visiting the Gonzales County Jail Museum. Housed in an old county jail, this museum showcases artifacts and exhibits that tell the story of law enforcement and incarceration in the area.

8. Gonzales Memorial Cemetery

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Pay your respects to the fallen soldiers of the Texas Revolution at the Gonzales Memorial Cemetery. This historical burial ground features a monument dedicated to the brave Texans who fought for independence.

9. Texas Heroes Square

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Texas Heroes Square is a significant and historically rich landmark located in downtown Gonzales, Texas. It serves as a tribute to the brave men and women who played a crucial role in Texas’ fight for independence and the formation of the Republic of Texas. The square commemorates the spirit of the Texas Revolution and the heroes who fought for the state’s liberty.

10. Eggleston House

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he Eggleston House is a historically significant residence located in Gonzales, Texas. Also known as the J.C. Eggleston House, it is a well-preserved example of Greek Revival architecture and serves as a testament to the city’s rich history. The Eggleston House was constructed in the mid-19th century and is an excellent representation of Greek Revival architecture, characterized by its symmetrical design, grand columns, and ornate detailing.

11. Robert Lee Brothers, Jr. Memorial Library

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The Robert Lee Brothers, Jr. Memorial Library is a public library located in Gonzales, Texas. It serves as a valuable resource for the community, providing a wide range of educational materials, services, and programs for residents of all ages. The library is named in honor of Robert Lee Brothers, Jr., a local resident and philanthropist who made significant contributions to the community.

12. Historic Courthouse

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The historic courthouse in Gonzales, Texas, is a significant landmark that holds both architectural and historical significance. The Gonzales County Courthouse, also known as the Gonzales County Courthouse Historic District, is a focal point of the city and an emblem of its rich heritage.

13. Dr. J. J. Fouts House

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The Dr. J.J. Fouts House, also known as the Joseph Jackson Fouts House, is a historic residence located in Gonzales, Texas. It is a notable architectural gem and a significant part of the city’s history. The Fouts House is an exquisite example of Victorian architecture. Built in 1889, it showcases elements of the Queen Anne architectural style. The house features a steeply pitched roof, intricate detailing, ornate trim work, decorative shingles, and a wrap-around porch that adds to its charm.

14. 1908 R. S. Dilworth House

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The 1908 R.S. Dilworth House is a historic residence located in Gonzales, Texas. It is a notable architectural landmark that showcases the craftsmanship and design of the early 20th century. The R.S. Dilworth House is an example of the Classical Revival architectural style. Built in 1908, it features a symmetrical design, a prominent portico with columns, and an overall grand appearance. The house reflects the elegance and architectural trends of its time.

15. Runaway Scrape Oak

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The Runaway Scrape Oak is a significant natural landmark located in Gonzales, Texas. This historic oak tree holds great historical importance, as it is associated with the Runaway Scrape, a significant event in Texas history during the Texas Revolution. The Runaway Scrape Oak is linked to the Runaway Scrape, a period of mass migration and displacement of Texian settlers during the Texas Revolution. In early 1836, as Mexican forces under General Santa Anna advanced towards the area, Texian settlers fled their homes, seeking safety and refuge.

Gonzales, Texas, offers a delightful blend of history, natural beauty, and recreational opportunities. Whether you’re interested in the state’s independence story, outdoor activities, or small-town charm, Gonzales has something to offer every visitor.