6 Best Places and Things To Do in Edwardsville, Illinois

Edwardsville, Illinois, located in Madison County, is a charming town that offers a delightful mix of history, natural beauty, and a vibrant community. Whether you’re a history buff, an outdoor enthusiast, or someone seeking cultural experiences, Edwardsville has something to offer for everyone. Here are some of the best places to visit and things to do in Edwardsville:

1. Watershed Nature Center

Image Source: https://www.riversandroutes.com/directory/watershed-nature-center/

Nature lovers should not miss a visit to the Watershed Nature Center. This 46-acre wildlife preserve features walking trails, ponds, and a variety of habitats. Enjoy birdwatching, spot wildlife, and take in the serene surroundings. The center also offers educational programs and events for all ages.

2. Edwardsville Children’s Museum

exterior of the museum

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Families with children should make a stop at the Edwardsville Children’s Museum. This interactive museum provides hands-on exhibits and educational activities for kids of all ages. From exploring the science of water to learning about the wonders of the human body, the museum offers a fun and engaging experience for young learners.

3. Edwardsville Township Community Park


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Another great outdoor destination in Edwardsville is the Edwardsville Township Community Park. This expansive park offers a wide range of recreational facilities, including baseball and soccer fields, tennis and basketball courts, and a skate park. You can also find walking trails, picnic areas, and a splash pad, making it a perfect place for outdoor activities and gatherings.

4. SIUE Gardens

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Located on the campus of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE), the SIUE Gardens are a hidden gem worth exploring. These beautifully landscaped gardens feature a diverse range of plant species, tranquil ponds, and winding pathways. It’s an idyllic setting for a peaceful walk, photography, or a moment of reflection amidst nature’s beauty.

5. 1820 Colonel Benjamin Stephenson House

Benjamin Stephenson House (front).JPG

Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benjamin_Stephenson_House

The 1820 Colonel Benjamin Stephenson House is a significant historical site located in Edwardsville, Illinois. It is a well-preserved example of Federal-style architecture and serves asĀ  museum dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history of the region Colonel Benjamin Stephenson, a prominent figure in early Illinois history, was a veteran of the War of 1812 and served as a delegate to the state’s constitutional convention. He played a crucial role in the development of Illinois, including its early infrastructure and political landscape. The house was built by Stephenson in 1820 and remained in his family until the 1930s.

6. St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church


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St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is a historic and vibrant place of worship located in Edwardsville, Illinois. The church has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1834, making it one of the oldest Episcopal congregations in the state The architecture of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is striking, featuring a beautiful Gothic Revival style. The church building, constructed in 1865, showcases intricate details, including stained glass windows, pointed arches, and a soaring steeple. It stands as a testament to the craftsmanship and architectural style of its time.

Historical charm, natural beauty, cultural attractions, and culinary delights, Edwardsville, Illinois, offers a truly enjoyable and memorable experience for visitors and residents alike. So, plan your visit, explore the best that Edwardsville has to offer, and immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of this delightful town.