30 Best Places And Things To Do in Edmonton, Canada

Edmonton, the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta, is a vibrant and exciting destination offering a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors. From cultural landmarks to outdoor adventures, Edmonton has something for everyone. Here are some of the best places to visit and things to do in Edmonton:

1. West Edmonton Mall

Image Source: https://www.curling.ca/blog/2022/04/04/lets-go-to-the-mall/

As one of the largest shopping malls in the world, West Edmonton Mall is a must-visit destination. It features over 800 stores, including high-end boutiques, international brands, and unique specialty shops. The mall also houses a vast indoor amusement park, a water park, an ice skating rink, a mini-golf course, and even a full-size replica of the Santa Maria ship.

2. Fort Edmonton Park

Image Source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/fort-edmonton-park-reopen-1.6086376

Step back in time and experience the history of Edmonton at Fort Edmonton Park. This living history museum recreates the city’s past with various eras represented, including the fur trading era, the pioneer years, and the 1920s. Visitors can explore historic buildings, interact with costumed interpreters, and ride on a vintage steam train.

3. Elk Island National Park

Image Source: https://www.projectlocallove.com/blog/guide-to-visiting-elk-island-national-park-in-spring

Located just outside of Edmonton, Elk Island National Park is a stunning natural oasis. The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including bison, elk, and over 250 bird species. Visitors can enjoy hiking and biking trails, go canoeing or kayaking on Astotin Lake, and even camp under the stars.

4. Edmonton River Valley

Image Source: https://www.campustower.com/local-experiences/edmonton-river-valley

Stretching along the North Saskatchewan River, the Edmonton River Valley is one of the largest urban park systems in North America. The park offers over 160 kilometers of trails, perfect for walking, jogging, or cycling. It’s an ideal spot for picnics, outdoor concerts, and various recreational activities.

5. Art Gallery of Alberta

Image Source: https://www.nextarchitecture.ca/work/art-gallery-alberta

Art enthusiasts should not miss the Art Gallery of Alberta, a striking architectural landmark in downtown Edmonton. The gallery showcases a diverse collection of contemporary and historical artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and installations. It also hosts rotating exhibitions and educational programs.

6. Alberta Legislature Building

Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alberta_Legislature

Explore the beautiful Alberta Legislature Building, an impressive architectural gem. Visitors can take guided tours to learn about the history and functions of the provincial government. The building’s stunning grounds, including manicured gardens and fountains, provide a picturesque setting for a leisurely stroll.

7. Old Strathcona

Image Source: https://www.expedia.com/Edmonton-Old-Strathcona.dx6003832

This vibrant neighborhood is known for its lively arts scene, unique boutiques, and charming cafes. Old Strathcona is home to numerous theaters, including the historic Princess Theatre, where you can catch live performances. The area also hosts the popular farmers’ market, showcasing local produce, crafts, and food.

8. Muttart Conservatory

Image Source: https://www.expedia.com/Muttart-Conservatory-Edmonton.d501020.Vacation-Attraction

For a tranquil escape, visit the Muttart Conservatory, a botanical garden featuring four glass pyramids filled with different climate zones. Explore exotic plants, enjoy the scenic views of the city, and learn about horticulture through educational exhibits and workshops.

9. Royal Alberta Museum

Image Source: https://www.varscona.com/explore/royal-alberta-museum

Immerse yourself in Alberta’s rich history and natural heritage at the Royal Alberta Museum. The museum offers engaging exhibits, including galleries dedicated to Alberta’s Indigenous cultures, dinosaurs, wildlife, and the province’s pioneer history.

10. Edmonton Fringe Festival

Image Source: https://exploreedmonton.com/event-calendar/edmonton-fringe-festival-2020

If you visit Edmonton in August, be sure to catch the Edmonton Fringe Festival, the largest and oldest fringe theater festival in North America. The festival showcases an eclectic mix of performances, from comedy and drama to experimental theater and dance, in various venues across the city.

11. Alberta Aviation Museum

Image Source: https://www.albertaprimetimes.com/edmonton-news/alberta-aviation-museum-future-up-in-the-air-literally-5556078

Aviation enthusiasts will enjoy a visit to the Alberta Aviation Museum, which showcases the rich aviation history of the province. Explore the collection of vintage aircraft, learn about the evolution of flight, and even sit in the cockpit of a real airplane.

12. Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g154914-d10712429-Reviews-Ukrainian_Cultural_Heritage_Village-Edmonton_Alberta.html

Step into the past and discover the vibrant Ukrainian heritage at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village. This living history museum depicts rural Ukrainian settlement in the early 1900s. Visitors can explore authentic buildings, interact with costumed interpreters, and experience traditional activities and performances.

13. Rogers Place and Ice District

Image Source: https://www.hok.com/projects/view/rogers-place-and-the-ice-district/

Sports fans shouldn’t miss the opportunity to catch a game or concert at Rogers Place, the state-of-the-art arena in the heart of the Ice District. The area surrounding the arena is also vibrant, with numerous restaurants, bars, and shops to explore.

14. Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Image Source: https://globalnews.ca/video/8898032/upcoming-events-with-the-edmonton-symphony-orchestra

If you appreciate classical music, attending a performance by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra is a delightful experience. The orchestra showcases a wide repertoire of symphonic works and performs at the Winspear Centre, a renowned concert hall known for its exceptional acoustics.

15. Alberta Craft Council

Image Source: https://tourismealberta.ca/en/attrait/alberta-craft-gallery-and-shop/

Art lovers can explore the Alberta Craft Council, a gallery and boutique dedicated to promoting and showcasing fine craft and artistic creations. Discover unique handmade jewelry, ceramics, textiles, and other contemporary craft pieces crafted by local artisans.

16. Taste of Edmonton

Image Source: https://exploreedmonton.com/event-calendar/taste-of-edmonton

If you’re a foodie, plan your visit around the Taste of Edmonton, a renowned culinary event held each summer. The festival features a wide array of food vendors offering delicious samples of local and international cuisine, live entertainment, and cooking demonstrations.

17. John Janzen Nature Centre

Image Source: https://www.raisingedmonton.com/indoor-play-john-janzen-nature-centre/

Located in the Edmonton River Valley, the John Janzen Nature Centre is an interactive nature museum that educates visitors about the region’s diverse ecosystems. Explore indoor exhibits, walk along nature trails, and participate in hands-on activities focused on environmental conservation.

18. Alberta Railway Museum

Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alberta_Railway_Museum

Train enthusiasts will enjoy a visit to the Alberta Railway Museum, dedicated to preserving and showcasing the province’s railway history. The museum displays a collection of vintage locomotives, passenger cars, and other railway artifacts.

19. Edmonton Valley Zoo

Image Source: https://www.chatterblock.com/resources/36608/edmonton-valley-zoo-edmonton-ab/

Spend a day at the Edmonton Valley Zoo and get up close with a variety of animals from around the world. The zoo is home to over 350 animals, including snow leopards, red pandas, and Siberian tigers. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a ride on the carousel or visit the petting zoo.

20. Devonian Botanic Garden

Image Source: https://deepbluephotography.ca/devonian-botanic-gardens-wedding/

Located just outside of Edmonton, the Devonian Botanic Garden is a serene escape with stunning natural beauty. Explore various themed gardens, including the Japanese Garden, Native Peoples Garden, and the Tropical Showhouse. The garden also hosts events, workshops, and outdoor concerts.

21. Edmonton Ghost Tours

Image Source: https://exploreedmonton.com/attractions-and-experiences/edmonton-ghost-tours

Embark on a spine-chilling adventure with Edmonton Ghost Tours. Discover the city’s haunted history as knowledgeable guides take you on a walking tour through eerie locations and share captivating ghost stories and legends.

22. High Level Bridge Streetcar

Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Level_Bridge_Streetcar

Hop on the High Level Bridge Streetcar for a nostalgic ride and panoramic views of the city. This historic streetcar takes you across the High Level Bridge, offering breathtaking vistas of the river valley and downtown Edmonton.

23. Snow Valley Ski Club

Image Source: https://goskialberta.com/ski-area/alberta/snow-valley-ski-area/

If you’re visiting during the winter months, embrace the snowy outdoors at Snow Valley Ski Club. Hit the slopes for skiing or snowboarding and enjoy the thrill of winter sports. The ski club offers various trails suitable for all skill levels.

24. TELUS World of Science

Image Source: https://telusworldofscienceedmonton.ca/terms/

Spark your curiosity at the TELUS World of Science, a science center that offers interactive exhibits and hands-on activities for visitors of all ages. Explore the wonders of science, from space and astronomy to biology and physics.

25. William Hawrelak Park

Image Source: https://transforming.edmonton.ca/closer-to-home-a-picnic-in-hawrelak-park/

Relax and unwind in the picturesque William Hawrelak Park. This sprawling park features lush green spaces, walking trails, picnic areas, and a beautiful lake. During the summer, you can rent paddleboats or enjoy live performances at the Heritage Amphitheatre.

26. Edmonton Oilers Game

Image Source: https://edmontonjournal.com/sports/hockey/nhl/cult-of-hockey/player-grades-edmonton-oilers-finally-bring-defensive-a-game-in-4-1-win-over-vegas-golden-knights

If you’re a hockey fan, catch an Edmonton Oilers game at Rogers Place. Join the passionate crowd and experience the excitement of the National Hockey League (NHL) firsthand.

27. Dragon Boat Festival

Image Source: https://www.breastfriendsedmonton.org/

Dragon Boat Festival: If you visit Edmonton in the summer, don’t miss the Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival. Watch as teams paddle in synchronized harmony, enjoy cultural performances, and savor a variety of delicious food offerings.

28. Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

Image Source: https://meyersound.com/news/twin-jubilee-auditoriums/

Catch a live performance at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. This iconic venue hosts a diverse range of events, including Broadway shows, concerts, ballet performances, and theatrical productions.

29. Royal Bison Craft & Art Fair

Image Source: https://www.madeinalbertaawards.ca/stories/markets/royal-bison-art-craft-fair-edmonton/

Experience the vibrant local arts scene at the Royal Bison Craft & Art Fair. Held twice a year, this curated market showcases the work of talented artisans, designers, and artists from the Edmonton area.

30. Galaxyland Powered by Hasbro

Image Source: https://bestedmontonmall.com/2021/01/05/galaxyland-powered-by-hasbro/

Galaxyland Powered by Hasbro is an indoor amusement park located in West Edmonton Mall. It features a wide variety of thrilling rides and attractions, including roller coasters, bumper cars, a Ferris wheel, and interactive games. With its space-themed setting and exciting experiences, Galaxyland offers endless fun for visitors of all ages.