31 Best Places and Things To Do in Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Michigan offers a vibrant mix of attractions and activities that showcase its rich history, thriving arts scene, and revitalized urban areas. Here are some of the best places to visit and things to do in Detroit:

1. The Henry Ford Museum

File:The Henry Ford 2011.jpg

Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Henry_Ford

Immerse yourself in American innovation at this museum, which showcases historical artifacts, including Henry Ford’s Model T and the Rosa Parks bus.

2. Motown Museum

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d216637-Reviews-Motown_Museum-Detroit_Michigan.html

Discover the birthplace of Motown music and tour Hitsville USA, where legendary artists like Stevie Wonder and The Supremes recorded their iconic hits.

3. Detroit Historical Museum

File:Detroit Historical Museum July 2018 01.jpg

Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Detroit_Historical_Museum

Learn about Detroit’s fascinating past through exhibits that highlight its role in the automotive industry, labor movements, and the Civil Rights Movement.

4. Belle Isle Park


Image Source: https://www.belleisleconservancy.org/

Escape the urban hustle and enjoy nature on this island park. Explore its lush greenery, visit the Detroit Zoo, and admire the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory.

5. Detroit International Riverfront


Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Detroit_International_Riverfront

Take a stroll along the scenic Detroit River and enjoy beautiful views of the skyline. The Riverwalk offers parks, public art installations, and access to popular attractions like the Renaissance Center.

6. Campus Martius Park

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d4310109-Reviews-Campus_Martius_Park-Detroit_Michigan.html

During the winter months, Campus Martius Park transforms into a winter wonderland with a beautiful ice rink. Lace up your skates and enjoy gliding on the ice while surrounded by the stunning city skyline.

7. Old St. Mary’s Church

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d585076-Reviews-Old_St_Mary_s_Church-Detroit_Michigan.html

Old St. Mary’s Church is one of the oldest churches in Detroit, with its roots dating back to 1841. It played a crucial role in the early development of the Catholic community in the city.

8. Dossin Great Lakes Museum

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d560602-Reviews-Dossin_Great_Lakes_Museum-Detroit_Michigan.html

The museum showcases the rich history of the Great Lakes, exploring topics such as shipbuilding, navigation, trade, and the influence of the lakes on the region’s development. Learn about the important role the Great Lakes played in industry, transportation, and recreation.

9. Belle Isle Aquarium

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d8039550-Reviews-Belle_Isle_Aquarium-Detroit_Michigan.html

The aquarium is housed in a beautiful Beaux-Arts style building that dates back to 1904. Its stunning architecture and intricate details make it a unique and picturesque setting for exploring marine life.

10. African Bead Museum

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d560590-Reviews-African_Bead_Museum-Detroit_Michigan.html

Dabls Mbad African Bead Museum houses 18 outdoor installations as well as the African Bead Gallery, N’kisi House and African Language Wall.┬áBorn of his own visual cosmology, Dabls’ MBAD African Bead Museum is a quiet revolution that sparks a vital conversation with global and local audiences.

11. Historic Trinity Lutheran Church

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d272282-Reviews-Historic_Trinity_Lutheran_Church-Detroit_Michigan.html

The Historic Trinity Lutheran Church has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1850. It has played a significant role in the religious and cultural fabric of Detroit.

12. Sweetest Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Church

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d6412377-Reviews-Sweetest_Heart_of_Mary_Roman_Catholic_Church-Detroit_Michigan.html

The church is renowned for its stunning Gothic Revival architecture. Its exterior features intricate brickwork, soaring spires, and elaborate stained glass windows. The interior boasts beautiful woodwork, ornate altars, and a grand organ.

13. Museum of Contemporary Art

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d6510588-Reviews-Museum_of_Contemporary_Art-Detroit_Michigan.html

The museum showcases a dynamic range of contemporary artworks across various mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, video, and installations. The exhibitions feature the works of both emerging and established artists, providing a diverse and thought-provoking artistic experience.

14. James Scott Memorial Fountain

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d8051353-Reviews-James_Scott_Memorial_Fountain-Detroit_Michigan.html

The James Scott Memorial Fountain was dedicated in 1925 and serves as a memorial to James Scott, a controversial figure in Detroit’s history. Scott was a wealthy businessman who bequeathed a significant amount of money to the city upon his death.

15. Beacon Park

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d13364709-Reviews-Beacon_Park-Detroit_Michigan.html

Beacon Park offers a spacious and inviting green space in the heart of the city. The park features well-maintained lawns, trees, and gardens, providing a peaceful retreat from the urban hustle and bustle.

16. Tuskegee Airmen National Museum

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d560610-Reviews-Tuskegee_Airmen_National_Museum-Detroit_Michigan.html

The museum pays tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen, a group of African American pilots and support personnel who served during World War II. They overcame racial barriers and discrimination to become highly skilled aviators and made significant contributions to the war effort.

17. Palmer Park

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d6024098-Reviews-Palmer_Park-Detroit_Michigan.html

Palmer Park offers a lush and expansive green space, featuring rolling hills, mature trees, and open meadows. It’s a great place to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and enjoy a peaceful natural setting.

18. Grand Circus Park

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d6602002-Reviews-Grand_Circus_Park-Detroit_Michigan.html

Grand Circus Park has a rich history that dates back to the mid-19th century. It was originally designed as a parade ground and has served as a focal point for civic events, gatherings, and celebrations throughout the years.

19. Lincoln Street Art Park

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d5616233-Reviews-Lincoln_Street_Art_Park-Detroit_Michigan.html

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20. Balduck Park

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d14923172-Reviews-Balduck_Park-Detroit_Michigan.html

Balduck Park offers ample green space for relaxation and recreation. The park features well-maintained lawns, trees, and open fields, providing a peaceful setting for picnics, playing catch, or simply enjoying nature.

21. Gabriel Richard Park

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d10239639-Reviews-Gabriel_Richard_Park-Detroit_Michigan.html

Gabriel Richard Park is situated along the Detroit River, offering stunning views of the water and the Windsor skyline across the border in Canada. The park’s location provides a serene and picturesque backdrop for outdoor activities.

22. Detroit Children’s Museum

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d17423881-Reviews-Detroit_Children_s_Museum-Detroit_Michigan.html

The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) houses an extensive collection of art from around the world. While not exclusively a children’s museum, the DIA offers programs and activities designed for young visitors, including interactive exhibits, art-making workshops, and storytelling sessions.

23. The Cathedral Church of St. Paul

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d7146688-Reviews-The_Cathedral_Church_of_St_Paul-Detroit_Michigan.html

The Cathedral Church of St. Paul showcases stunning architecture that combines Gothic Revival and English Tudor styles. The cathedral’s exterior features intricate stone carvings, pointed arches, and a tall spire, while the interior boasts vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows, and ornate details.

24. West Riverfront Park

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d8375763-Reviews-West_Riverfront_Park-Detroit_Michigan.html

West Riverfront Park offers stunning views of the Detroit River, the Canadian shoreline, and the city skyline. It provides a serene and picturesque setting where visitors can enjoy the beauty of the waterfront.

25. Pingree Park

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d14905691-Reviews-Pingree_Park-Detroit_Michigan.html

Pingree Park offers a pleasant green space where visitors can relax and enjoy the outdoors. The park features open grassy areas, trees, and well-maintained landscaping. It provides a peaceful environment for picnics, playing catch, or simply soaking up the sunshine.

26. Rouge Park

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d6556626-Reviews-Rouge_Park-Detroit_Michigan.html

Rouge Park covers over 1,200 acres, making it one of the largest parks in Detroit. It features a diverse landscape of woodlands, wetlands, meadows, and open fields. The park offers opportunities for outdoor recreation such as hiking, biking, picnicking, and birdwatching. It provides a peaceful retreat where visitors can connect with nature and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

27. Cass Park

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d16901010-Reviews-Cass_Park-Detroit_Michigan.html

Cass Park offers various recreational facilities for visitors to enjoy. It features a baseball diamond, basketball courts, tennis courts, and a soccer field. These amenities cater to sports enthusiasts and provide opportunities for organized games or casual play.

28. Bennett Park

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d21121098-Reviews-Bennett_Park-Detroit_Michigan.html

Bennett Park offers a serene green space where visitors can relax and unwind. It features open grassy areas, trees, and benches, providing a tranquil setting for picnics, reading, or simply enjoying the outdoors.

29. Roosevelt Park

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d18976643-Reviews-Roosevelt_Park-Detroit_Michigan.html

Roosevelt Park offers a spacious green area where visitors can enjoy outdoor activities. It features open grassy areas, trees, and pathways. The park provides a pleasant setting for picnics, frisbee, or leisurely strolls.

30. The Corner Ballpark

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d16811388-Reviews-The_Corner_Ballpark-Detroit_Michigan.html

The Corner Ballpark holds significant historical value as the former home of the Detroit Tigers baseball team. It served as the team’s home field from 1912 to 1999. As you explore the park, you can immerse yourself in the rich baseball history that took place within its walls.

31. New Center Park

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g42139-d17434800-Reviews-New_Center_Park-Detroit_Michigan.html

New Center Park is known for hosting a variety of outdoor entertainment events during the summer months. These events include live concerts, movie screenings, theater performances, and dance shows. It serves as a gathering place for the community to enjoy music, arts, and culture in an open-air setting.

Detroit boasts a thriving culinary scene, with diverse dining options ranging from world-class restaurants to delicious food trucks. Don’t forget to explore the city’s emerging neighborhoods, like Corktown and Midtown, which offer trendy bars, boutique shops, and unique cultural experiences.