8 Best Places And Things To Do in Cuneo, Italy

Cuneo is a charming city located in the Piedmont region of Italy. Nestled amidst the stunning Alps, Cuneo offers a delightful blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you’re a history buff, a food lover, or an outdoor enthusiast, Cuneo has something to offer everyone. Here are some of the best places to visit and things to do in Cuneo:

1. Piazza Galimberti

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Start your exploration of Cuneo at Piazza Galimberti, the heart of the city. This beautiful square is lined with elegant arcades and historic buildings. It’s a great place to relax, people-watch, and enjoy a coffee at one of the charming cafes. Address: Piazza Galimberti, 12100 Cuneo CN, Italy

2. Museo della Cattedrale

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Located adjacent to the cathedral, the Museo della Cattedrale showcases a collection of religious artifacts, sculptures, and artworks. It provides a fascinating insight into the history and religious heritage of Cuneo. Address: Via Roma, 24, 12100 Cuneo CN, Italy

3. Via Roma

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Take a stroll along Via Roma, the main shopping street of Cuneo. Lined with stylish boutiques, artisanal shops, and traditional markets, this vibrant street is perfect for indulging in some retail therapy or picking up local products. Address: Via Roma, 12100 Cuneo CN, Italy

4. Civic Museum

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Discover the history and culture of Cuneo at the Civic Museum, housed in the 18th-century Palazzo Traversa. The museum’s exhibits include archaeological artifacts, medieval manuscripts, and artworks, providing a comprehensive overview of the region’s heritage. Address: Via Santa Maria, 7, 12100 Cuneo CN, Italy

5. Gesso River Park

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Nature lovers should not miss a visit to the Gesso River Park, located just outside the city. This picturesque park offers hiking and cycling trails along the river, providing an opportunity to immerse yourself in the beautiful Alpine landscape. Address: Parco Fluviale Gesso e Stura, Strada Comunale Valle, 12100 Cuneo CN, Italy

6. Cuneo Adventure Park

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For a thrilling outdoor experience, head to Cuneo Adventure Park. This aerial adventure park offers various obstacle courses, zip lines, and climbing walls suitable for all ages. It’s a great place to challenge yourself and enjoy an adrenaline-filled day. Address: Via del Cardinale, 1, 12100 Cuneo CN, Italy

7. Casa del Fiume

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Visit Casa del Fiume, a cultural center dedicated to the Gesso River and its natural environment. The center offers exhibitions, workshops, and guided tours, providing insight into the region’s flora, fauna, and environmental conservation efforts. Address: Via Santa Maria, 24, 12100 Cuneo CN, Italy

8. Explore the Surrounding Villages

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Cuneo serves as an excellent base for exploring the picturesque villages and towns in the surrounding area. Visit charming places like Limone Piemonte, Mondovì, and Saluzzo, each with its own unique attractions, history, and culinary delights.

  • Limone Piemonte: Address: Limone Piemonte, Province of Cuneo, Italy
  • Mondovì: Address: Mondovì, Province of Cuneo, Italy
  • Saluzzo: Address: Saluzzo, Province of Cuneo, Italy