10 Best Places and Things To Do in Concord, North Carolina

Concord, North Carolina is a vibrant city located in Cabarrus County, just a short drive from Charlotte. Known for its rich history, NASCAR racing, and family-friendly attractions, Concord offers a wide range of activities and experiences for visitors. Whether you’re a racing enthusiast, a history buff, or simply looking for some outdoor adventures, Concord has something for everyone.

1. Charlotte Motor Speedway

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As the home of NASCAR, Concord is synonymous with high-speed racing. Charlotte Motor Speedway is a must-visit attraction for racing fans. You can catch thrilling races, including the Coca-Cola 600 and the Bank of America ROVALâ„¢ 400. Additionally, the Speedway offers tours that provide a behind-the-scenes look at the track and its history.

2. Reed Gold Mine


Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reed_Gold_Mine

Delve into the region’s history by visiting Reed Gold Mine, the site of the first documented gold find in the United States. Take a guided tour and explore underground tunnels to learn about the mining process and the significance of the discovery. The visitor center showcases exhibits on North Carolina’s gold mining history.

3. Frank Liske Park

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Embrace the outdoors at Frank Liske Park, a beautiful recreational area spanning 238 acres. The park features picnic areas, hiking trails, sports fields, and a fishing lake. You can rent paddleboats, explore the nature trails, or enjoy a game of disc golf. It’s an ideal spot for a relaxing day with family or friends.

4. Cabarrus County Courthouse

Image Source: https://www.nccourts.gov/locations/cabarrus-county/cabarrus-county-courthouse

Take a stroll through downtown Concord and admire the historic Cabarrus County Courthouse. Built-in 1876, this stunning Victorian-style courthouse is a symbol of the city’s heritage. You can explore the beautiful architecture, learn about its history, and enjoy the surrounding area’s charm.

5. Cabarrus County Veterans Museum

Image Source: https://www.explorecabarrus.com/listings/the-cabarrus-county-veterans-museum/

History buffs and those interested in military heritage will appreciate a visit to the Cabarrus County Veterans Museum. Located in the historic courthouse, this museum houses a collection of artifacts, photographs, and exhibits that chronicle the stories and sacrifices of local veterans throughout the years.

6. SEA LIFE Charlotte-Concord Aquarium

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g49049-d6371912-Reviews-SEA_LIFE_Charlotte_Concord_Aquarium-Concord_North_Carolina.html

SEA LIFE Charlotte-Concord Aquarium is an aquarium located in Concord, North Carolina, near the Charlotte metropolitan area in the United States. However, please note that my knowledge cutoff is in September 2021, so there may have been changes or updates since then. SEA LIFE Charlotte-Concord Aquarium is a popular attraction that offers visitors the opportunity to explore the underwater world and learn about marine life through various exhibits and interactive displays. The aquarium is designed to be educational and entertaining for both children and adults.

7. Memorial Gardens

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Memorial Gardens typically refer to outdoor spaces or gardens that are specifically designed and dedicated to honoring and remembering individuals who have passed away. These gardens are created as a place of solace, reflection, and remembrance for family members, friends, and the community.

8. Mustang Owner’s Museum

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g49049-d14918948-Reviews-Mustang_Owner_s_Museum-Concord_North_Carolina.html

The Mustang Owner’s Museum, also known as the Mustang Owners Museum, is a museum dedicated to the Ford Mustang, an iconic American muscle car. The museum is located in Concord, North Carolina, near the Charlotte metropolitan area. The Mustang Owner’s Museum showcases the rich history and cultural significance of the Ford Mustang through various exhibits and displays. Here are some key features and highlights you can expect to find at the Mustang Owner’s Museum.

9. Vietnam Veterans Park

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g49049-d15681641-Reviews-Vietnam_Veterans_Park-Concord_North_Carolina.html

Vietnam Veterans Park typically refers to a park or memorial dedicated to honoring and remembering the veterans who served in the Vietnam War. These parks are designed as spaces of remembrance, reflection, and tribute to those who sacrificed and served during the conflict.

10. Rocky River Golf Club

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g49049-d106951-Reviews-Rocky_River_Golf_Club-Concord_North_Carolina.html

Rocky River Golf Club is a golf course located in Concord, North Carolina. Designed by Dan Maples, this 18-hole public golf course offers an enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels. The course is situated in a scenic natural setting with rolling hills, tree-lined fairways, and picturesque views.

Concord, North Carolina offers a delightful blend of history, entertainment, and outdoor recreation. Whether you’re exploring its rich racing heritage, enjoying family-friendly attractions, or immersing yourself in its vibrant downtown, Concord has something to offer for everyone.