18 Best Places And Things To Do in Châtellerault, France

Châtellerault is a charming city located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France. Known for its rich history and picturesque setting, Châtellerault offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. Here are some of the best places to visit and things to do in Châtellerault:

1. Château de Châtellerault

Image Source: https://www.lanouvellerepublique.fr/vienne/commune/lencloitre/chatellerault-le-chateau-de-savigny-sous-faye-en-vente-au-prix-de-2-4-millions

Start your exploration of the city with a visit to the magnificent Château de Châtellerault. This historic castle dates back to the 10th century and is a perfect example of medieval architecture. Take a stroll through its well-preserved grounds and admire the stunning views of the city from its towers.

2. Henri IV Bridge

Image Source: https://structurae.net/en/structures/pont-henri-iv-1609

Cross the picturesque Henri IV Bridge, which spans the Vienne River. This impressive stone bridge offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape and is an ideal spot for a leisurely walk or a romantic sunset stroll.

3. Saint-Jacques Church

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g196665-d15355476-Reviews-Eglise_Saint_Jacques-Chatellerault_Vienne_Nouvelle_Aquitaine.html

Pay a visit to the Saint-Jacques Church, an architectural gem located in the heart of the city. This Romanesque-style church is adorned with intricate sculptures and features stunning stained glass windows. Take a moment to appreciate its serene atmosphere and admire the craftsmanship of its design.

4. Musée Auto Moto Vélo

Image Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Mus%C3%A9e_Auto_Moto_V%C3%A9lo

Automobile enthusiasts will enjoy a visit to the Musée Auto Moto Vélo. This museum showcases a remarkable collection of vintage cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. From classic models to unique prototypes, the exhibits offer a fascinating journey through the history of transportation.

5. La Maison de l’Emploi et de la Formation

Image Source: https://www.lanouvellerepublique.fr/la-chatre/la-maison-de-la-formation-et-de-l-emploi-est-a-vendre

If you’re interested in the history of Châtellerault’s industrial past, make sure to visit La Maison de l’Emploi et de la Formation. Housed in an old factory building, this museum provides insights into the city’s industrial heritage, particularly its role in the manufacture of weapons and cutlery.

6. Les Bords de la Vienne

Image Source: https://www.tourisme-chatellerault.fr/a-voir-a-faire/activites-loisirs/randonnez/randonnez-a-velo/boucles-cyclos/des-bords-de-vienne-a-la-foret-de-chatellerault

Enjoy the natural beauty of Châtellerault by taking a walk along Les Bords de la Vienne, the riverbanks of the Vienne River. This scenic area offers picturesque views, walking paths, and picnic spots. It’s a great place to relax, soak up the ambiance, and enjoy the peacefulness of the river.

7. Local Cuisine

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurants-g196665-Chatellerault_Vienne_Nouvelle_Aquitaine.html

Indulge in the local cuisine of Châtellerault by visiting the city’s restaurants and cafes. Sample delicious regional specialties such as goat cheese, rillettes, and Poitou-Charentes wines. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor the flavors of the region and experience the culinary delights of Châtellerault.

8. Manufacture d’Armes de Châtellerault

Image Source: https://structurae.net/en/structures/manufacture-d-armes-de-chatellerault

Delve into the city’s industrial heritage by visiting the Manufacture d’Armes de Châtellerault. This former arms factory has been converted into a cultural center and museum. Discover the history of firearm production in Châtellerault through interactive exhibits, displays of weaponry, and informative guided tours.

9. Parc de Blossac

Image Source: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g187207-d246716-Reviews-Parc_de_Blossac-Poitiers_Vienne_Nouvelle_Aquitaine.html

For outdoor enthusiasts, Parc de Blossac is a must-visit destination. This expansive park offers a peaceful retreat with beautiful gardens, walking paths, and a lake. It’s an ideal place to relax, have a picnic, or engage in recreational activities such as jogging or cycling.

10. Hiking and Cycling

Image Source: https://www.tourisme-chatellerault.fr/en/i-d-like-to/live-and-experience/the-way-of-saint-james

The surrounding countryside of Châtellerault is blessed with picturesque landscapes, making it an excellent destination for hiking and cycling enthusiasts. Explore the nearby trails that wind through forests, along riverbanks, and past charming villages. Breathe in the fresh air and soak up the scenic views as you immerse yourself in the natural splendor of the region.

11. Les Halles

Image Source: https://www.le7.info/article/20360-les-halles-en-reconquete-a-poitiers-et-chatellerault

Pay a visit to Les Halles, the city’s vibrant covered market. Here, you can find a wide range of fresh produce, local products, and regional delicacies. Sample delicious cheeses, pastries, and other treats while immersing yourself in the lively atmosphere of this bustling market.

12. Cultural Events

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Châtellerault hosts various cultural events throughout the year, providing visitors with a chance to experience the local traditions and artistic talents. Keep an eye out for festivals, music concerts, art exhibitions, and theater performances taking place during your visit. These events offer a wonderful opportunity to engage with the local community and immerse yourself in the cultural vibrancy of the city.

13. Day Trips

Image Source: https://www.tourisme-vienne.com/en/webzines/chatellerault/

Châtellerault’s strategic location makes it an excellent base for day trips to nearby attractions. Explore the stunning Château d’Azay-le-Rideau, visit the medieval town of Chinon, or venture further to the iconic châteaux of the Loire Valley, such as Château de Chenonceau or Château de Chambord. These excursions allow you to discover more of the historical and natural wonders that the region has to offer.

14. Le Confort Moderne

Image Source: https://www.lanouvellerepublique.fr/poitiers/poitiers-le-confort-moderne-friche-artistique-emblematique

Art and music enthusiasts should visit Le Confort Moderne, a renowned cultural center in Châtellerault. This vibrant venue hosts a variety of contemporary art exhibitions, live music performances, and cultural events throughout the year. Check their schedule to see what exhibitions, concerts, or workshops are happening during your visit.

15. Golf du Haut-Poitou

Image Source: https://www.golfstars.com/golf/golf-du-haut-poitou

Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a round of golf at Golf du Haut-Poitou, located just outside of Châtellerault. This 18-hole golf course offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and a challenging playing experience for golfers of all skill levels.

16. La Maison du Patrimoine

Image Source: https://www.societe-sciences-chatellerault.fr/architecture-patrimoine/

Dive deeper into the local history and heritage of Châtellerault by visiting La Maison du Patrimoine. This museum showcases the city’s architectural treasures, including models, photographs, and historical artifacts. Gain insight into the city’s architectural evolution and learn about its cultural significance.

17. Canal de la Dive

Image Source: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dive_%28rivi%C3%A8re%29

Take a leisurely stroll or bike ride along the Canal de la Dive, which passes through Châtellerault. This picturesque waterway offers scenic views and a peaceful atmosphere. Enjoy the tranquil surroundings as you walk or cycle alongside the canal, taking in the charming sights along the way.

18. Châtellerault Market

Image Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/adders/14404225429

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of a traditional French market by visiting the Châtellerault Market. Held on Saturdays, this bustling market offers a wide variety of fresh produce, local products, clothing, and more. Immerse yourself in the lively ambiance, interact with vendors, and shop for unique souvenirs or ingredients to enjoy later.