18 Best Places And Things To Do in Andria, Italy

Andria, located in the Apulia region of Italy, is a charming city with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Known for its picturesque landscapes, impressive architecture, and delectable cuisine, Andria offers visitors a wonderful array of attractions and experiences. Here are some of the best places to visit and things to do in Andria:

1. Castel del Monte

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A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the iconic symbol of Andria, Castel del Monte is a medieval castle built by Emperor Frederick II. The castle’s unique octagonal shape and strategic location atop a hill offer breathtaking panoramic views. Exploring the castle’s interior and learning about its fascinating history is a must. Address: Strada Statale 170, 76125 Andria BT, Italy

2. Andria Cathedral (Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta)

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This beautiful Romanesque cathedral dates back to the 12th century and showcases stunning architectural details. Admire the intricate rose window, the imposing bell tower, and the exquisite sculptures within. The cathedral’s interior houses important religious artifacts and artwork. Address: Piazza Duomo, 1, 76123 Andria BT, Italy

3. Palazzo Ducale

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Visit the Palazzo Ducale, a former residence of the dukes of Andria, which now serves as the Town Hall. The palace features an elegant fa├žade and houses the Municipal Art Gallery, displaying a collection of paintings, sculptures, and ceramics. Address: Corso Cavour, 48, 76123 Andria BT, Italy

4. Andria’s Historic Center

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Take a leisurely stroll through the narrow streets of Andria’s historic center, where you’ll find a wealth of charming medieval and Renaissance buildings. Discover hidden squares, picturesque alleys, and local artisan shops. Don’t miss Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, the main square, which is a vibrant hub of activity.

5. Museo del Confetto

Image Source:https://www.italia.it/it/puglia/andria/musei/museo-del-confetto-confetteria-mucci-giovanni

Delve into Andria’s sweet traditions by visiting the Museo del Confetto. This museum showcases the history and production process of confetti, a type of sugared almond treat. You can learn about the various flavors, colors, and artistic designs while sampling these delightful confections. Address: Via Giovanni Bovio, 95, 76123 Andria BT, Italy

6. Mercato Coperto

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Experience the local food culture by visiting Mercato Coperto, the city’s covered market. Here, you can immerse yourself in the aromas and flavors of Apulian cuisine. Browse the stalls offering fresh produce, regional cheeses, olive oils, cured meats, and pastries. It’s an ideal place to pick up some local ingredients and souvenirs. Address: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 13, 76123 Andria BT, Italy

7. Nearby Wineries

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Andria is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, making it an excellent destination for wine enthusiasts. Take a short drive to the nearby countryside and visit local wineries where you can participate in wine tastings, tour the vineyards, and learn about the winemaking process.

8. Andria’s Gastronomy

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Indulge in Andria’s culinary delights by savoring the local specialties. Treat yourself to dishes like burrata, a creamy cheese made from buffalo milk, orecchiette pasta with turnip tops (cime di rapa), and lamb dishes. Don’t forget to pair your meal with some excellent regional wines.

9. Gargano National Park

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Andria serves as a gateway to the stunning Gargano National Park, a nature lover’s paradise. Embark on hikes through lush forests, explore charming coastal towns like Vieste, or relax on the picturesque beaches along the Adriatic Sea. The park offers a diverse range of activities, from boat tours to cave exploration.Address: Located outside Andria, covering the Gargano Peninsula. The park has multiple entry points.

10. Bari

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If you have extra time, consider taking a day trip to Bari, the capital of Apulia. Bari is known for its charming old town (Bari Vecchia), the Basilica di San Nicola, and the bustling harbor. Explore the narrow streets, taste the local street food, and soak up the vibrant atmosphere.

11. Andria Civic Museum (Museo Civico)

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Located in the historic Palazzo del Trono, the Andria Civic Museum offers a glimpse into the city’s past. The museum showcases archaeological artifacts, medieval and Renaissance art, and exhibits highlighting the local history and traditions of Andria. Address: Piazza Catuma, 13, 76123 Andria BT, Italy

12. San Domenico Church

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Visit the San Domenico Church, a beautiful example of Baroque architecture. Admire the ornate interior, adorned with stunning frescoes and intricate details. The church is also home to the crypt of Blessed John Dominici, a prominent figure in Andria’s history. Address: Via Cattedrale, 76123 Andria BT, Italy

13. Lakes of Andria (Laghi di Andria)

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Just a short distance from the city, you’ll find the Lakes of Andria, a natural oasis surrounded by lush vegetation. Enjoy a leisurely walk or bike ride around the lakes, go birdwatching, or have a picnic in the serene surroundings.

14. Trani

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Take a day trip to Trani, a coastal town located approximately 20 kilometers from Andria. Known for its picturesque harbor and Romanesque cathedral, Trani offers a charming blend of history and seaside charm. Explore the narrow streets, dine at seafood restaurants, and enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches. Address: Located approximately 20 kilometers from Andria. Trani has a distinct city center and waterfront area.

15. Andria Underground

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Discover the hidden underground tunnels and chambers of Andria through the Andria Underground tour. Led by knowledgeable guides, you can explore the underground network that dates back to medieval times and learn about the city’s intriguing subterranean history. Address: Various entry points throughout the city. It is recommended to join a guided tour for access.

16. Olive Oil Tasting

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Apulia is renowned for its olive oil production, and Andria is no exception. Visit local olive groves and oil mills to learn about the traditional methods of olive oil production. You can participate in olive oil tastings, learn about the different varieties, and even purchase high-quality olive oil to take home. Address: Various olive groves and oil mills in and around Andria. Check for specific locations and tours.

17. Cycling in the Murgia National Park

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If you enjoy outdoor activities, head to the nearby Murgia National Park for a cycling adventure. This protected area features rolling hills, limestone plateaus, and ancient cave dwellings. Rent a bike and explore the park’s scenic trails while immersing yourself in nature. Address: Located near Andria, covering a vast area. The park

18. Street Markets

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Experience the vibrant local culture by visiting the bustling street markets in Andria. The weekly market, held every Wednesday, offers a lively atmosphere where you can browse stalls selling fresh produce, clothing, accessories, and local crafts. It’s a fantastic opportunity to interact with locals and soak up the authentic atmosphere. Address: Various streets and squares in Andria. The weekly market is typically held in the city center.