5 Best Places and Things To Do in Miandoab, Iran

Miandoab is a beautiful city located in the northwest of Iran, in the East Azerbaijan province. It is surrounded by stunning landscapes, mountains, and rivers, making it a popular destination for tourists who love nature and adventure. In this article, I will guide you through the best places and things to do in Miandoab:

1. Kaboud Mosque

Image Source: https://iranparadise.com/tabrizs-kaboud-mosque/

Kaboud Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Iran and dates back to the Seljuk period. It is famous for its blue-tiled dome and beautiful Islamic architecture. The mosque is located in the heart of the city and is a must-visit place for tourists. Address: Kaboud Mosque St, Miandoab, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran.

2. Zarrineh River

Image Source: https://alchetron.com/Zarrineh-River

The Zarrineh River is a beautiful river that runs through the city. It is an excellent place for fishing, boating, and swimming. You can also have a picnic by the river and enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains. Address: Zarrineh River, Miandoab, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran.

3. Lake Urmia

Image Source: https://www.britannica.com/place/Lake-Urmia

Lake Urmia is the largest lake in Iran and one of the largest salt lakes in the world. It is located about 40 km from Miandoab, and it is a perfect place for birdwatching, swimming, and relaxing. The lake is also famous for its beautiful pink color, which is caused by the presence of algae and microorganisms. Address: Lake Urmia, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran (located about 40 km from Miandoab).

4. Hiking in Sahand Mountains

Image Source: https://www.mountain-forecast.com/peaks/Sahand/photos/25840

Sahand Mountains is a beautiful mountain range located near Miandoab. It is an excellent place for hiking, trekking, and camping. You can explore the stunning natural beauty of the mountains and enjoy the fresh air and the breathtaking view. Address: Sahand Rd, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran (located near Miandoab).

5. Titi Caravanserai

Image Source: https://chaparpersiantravel.com/titi-caravanserai/

Titi Caravanserai is a historical caravanserai located about 25 km from Miandoab. It was built during the Safavid period and was used as a resting place for merchants and travelers. The caravanserai has a unique architecture and is a perfect place for those interested in history and architecture. Address: Titi Village, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran (located about 25 km from Miandoab).