2 Best Places and Things To Do in Quchan, Iran

Quchan is a charming city located in the northeastern region of Iran. It has a rich history and culture that attracts many visitors every year. Here are some of the best places and things to do in Quchan:

1. Tomb of Omar Khayyam

Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mausoleum_of_Omar_KhayyAm

Omar Khayyam was a Persian mathematician, philosopher, and poet who lived in the 11th century. His tomb is located in Quchan and is a popular attraction for visitors who appreciate his literary contributions. The tomb is located in a beautiful park-like setting, with a beautiful pond and gardens that make for a serene and peaceful environment. Address: Located in the Omar Khayyam Park in Quchan.

2. Chehel Sotoun Mosque

Image Source: https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/464178/Extra-restoration-to-start-on-Chehel-Sotoun-Mosque

Chehel Sotoun Mosque is a beautiful mosque located in Quchan. The mosque is known for its intricate tile work and stunning architecture. Visitors can explore the mosque and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of this sacred space. Address: Located in the city center of Quchan.